The Best Workout Apps to Exercise at Home

By Renuka Kennedy
May 22, 2023

Whether it is the weather that won’t let you go outdoors for a run or a hike, or you simply prefer to do your regular exercises from the comfort of your home – working out in your home gym or doing pilates in your very own fitness room – it will be convenient and amazing to have something resourceful like a workout app to guide you through your workout sessions while understanding your fitness needs and goals. Here are the top five fitness platforms to help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

fitness apps

Fit On

Perfect for people who want to include short and effective workouts in between their busy schedules, Fit On boasts a variety of workout plans including pilates, stretching, toning, yoga, strength training and more that helps you to stay fit. What sets this fitness app apart is its line of celebrity trainers and certified fitness specialists who make each session very entertaining. Additionally, the app also allows you to find workout partners with whom you can stay motivated and encourage each other not to miss workouts.

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It goes without saying that a Hollywood actor like Chris Hemsworth who played a superhero or has been voted as the People’s Sexiest Man Alive certainly pays extra attention to his physique and has only the best staff of personal trainers and nutritionists who help him achieve and maintain his sculpted physique. Founded by the Thor actor himself, Centr allows you to get the exact training by the same team who trains the Marvel actor.

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Pure Online

Pure Online is a technology-forward fitness platform equipped with an artificial intelligence program that allows you to ensure that you are following each step in the workout routine properly as guided by some of the top-class instructors from all over the world. The platform has a vast database of exercise and yoga videos of different fitness levels and durations that will also be updated on a regular basis which means you can keep your workouts new and fun every time.

fitness apps

Yoga Go

Yoga Go is a wellness app that is particularly built for people who choose yoga as their style of workout. From short sessions that can be completed in less than 10 minutes to extensive ones that are as long as 30 minutes, the yoga-centred app is catered to the needs of different individuals depending on your fitness goals – lose weight, build muscles or others – which the app will ask in advance so that all your workouts can be filtered and personalised to your needs.

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The apt way to describe Freeletics is that it is your very own personal trainer whom you can take with you anywhere you go as this bespoke workout app personalises your workout schedule according to your needs and lets you to workout anytime and anywhere regardless of whether you are empty-handed or have equipment with you. More importantly, Freeletics keeps track of your fitness journey while regularly asking for feedback ensuring that your workout plan is updated to match your fitness growth and abilities.