luxury lifestyle magazine in Hong Kong

Gafencu is an international monthly luxury lifestyle magazine, providing definitive coverage of contemporary style and culture. Each month we feature interviews with influential movers and shakers, stylish individuals and great entrepreneurial minds. Our magazine appeals to discerning, style conscious individuals who are at the pinnacle of their professions with an interest in the latest lifestyle trends and the world’s leading luxury brands. It is equally essential reading for those aspiring to join their ranks as the next generation of social elite.

Covering everything from exotic travel to chic watches, gadgets to automobiles, dressing in style to newest fashion trends, latest reviews on luxury and lifestyle to features on what’s trending, Gafencu is Hong Kong and China’s premier luxury lifestyle magazine that helps you keep your finger on the pulse, bringing you a world of luxury and insight every month.

Devoted to connecting you with people, products, businesses and information that can augment and enrich your everyday life; Gafencu is positive, inspiring, progressive and believes in putting community first.

Gafencu is an innovative, culturally aware and forward thinking luxury lifestyle magazine available in both print and digital editions. With its unique and captivating design, contributions from the finest photographers and a stable of fêted editors, Gafencu reaches millions of leading individuals every month, and is the only publication that speaks to all sides of the equation; Gafencu is quite simply sharper and smarter.