Order these sensational premium caviar at your next soirée…

By Roberliza
Mar 21, 2021

The finer things in life sometimes come in small packages. Particularly, tins of pea-sized, black pearls that pop in your mouth with an incomparable sensational flavour. Caviar, served on toast or topped on a dish (savoury or sweet), offer a fine-dining experience that will impress friends and guests at your next soiree. Curious which one to pick and where to order them? Read on…

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Iranian Beluga 
Billed as the best caviar in the world, Iranian Beluga are the most sought-after type. Sourced from the Caspian Sea that boarders Iran, Russia and three other countries, and is known the world over for being the natural habitat of sturgeons. Said to take 18 years to harvest, these mouth-watering mild tang and buttery flavours of this large but delicate pale silver grey roes are the rarest caviar in the world.

Russian Ossetra 
Second to Beluga, are the Ossetra . Facing the threat of extinction, due to dwindling population in the Caspian Sea around Russia, it is among the most expensive and prized of caviar. These medium-sized, light brown sturgeon eggs are among the most coveted in the world, taking between 18 to 20 years before harvest. Its distinguishable nutty flavour imparts a sumptuously rich texture with a note of hazelnut infused within.

Russian Sevrunga 
Another celebrated type of caviar is the Sevrunga from the Sterlet sturgeon, native to the Caspian sea. These grey-hued roes take eight years to mature, and features a silky smooth texture, strong oceanic tang and subtle long-lasting after taste. Its price is relatively lower than Beluga and Ossetra but doesn’t fall short in taste and quality, serving as a good entry-level for enthusiastic caviar aficionados.

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Chinese Kaluga 
A rising star in the world of caviar, the Kaluga is glossy light to deep brown or golden hued. It takes eight years to harvest, featuring flavour notes of earthy, buttery and mildly salty residual flavour that delights the palate. China has emerged as the leading producer of over 60 percent of world’s production of caviar, stepping up to meet the demand of consumers due to the dwindling production in Russia and Iran, according to European Market Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture Products.

Where to buy caviar for home delivery

Caviar King
Caviar King offers fine Russian caviar that are sustainably farmed and exclusively sourced through suppliers located on the Caspian Sea in Russia. They stock between 50g to 500g tinned caviar.
Price: HK$6,800 to HK$31,800 per 500g
Where to order: caviarking.com

gafencu dining Serve the most sumptuous caviars at your next dinner party royal caviar club
Image: Royal Caviar Club

Royal Caviar Club
Royal Caviar Club stocks roes produced by traditional methods that contain very little salt and no preservatives. Their roes are packaged in various weights, ranging between 30g and 500g — providing a great retail option for those interested to sample a taste.
Price: HK$7,800 to HK30,00 per 500g
Where to order: royalcaviarclub.com


Nomad Caviar
Nomad Caviar is a farm-to-table store that provides a selection of high quality sturgeon eggs that are relatively more affordable. Their products are directly sourced from sustainable farms and delivered directly to your home. They stock only 500g tins in their catalogue.
Price: HK$4,688 to HK$12,388 per 500g
Where to order: nomadcaviar.com