Cisco Cognitive Collaboration the Game Changer for Online Meetings

By Bailey Atkinson
Aug 04, 2019


Have you ever felt that virtual meetings can be a bit bewildering? What with connecting to a call, adding people on it, figuring out who’s talking when, it can be all quite distracting.
But now, all that’s about to change, as AI has the power to make our meetings more efficient, productive and pleasant. This new era of teamwork is called cognitive collaboration. It’s the application of AI and machine learning to add contextual intelligence to the entire collaboration experience.


For example,
• Before the meeting, a zero-touch digital assistant helps do the mundane tasks like joining the meeting, calling colleagues and adding people to your call.
• During the meeting, detailed information about participants’ work history, blog posts, company and links to social media accounts are available directly in your meeting, so you don’t have to search to learn more about your meeting participants. Also, the facial recognition lets you put a face to a name, so when there are multiple participants in a conference call, you can easily identify the people on screen.
• After the meeting, transcripts of your meeting are available, so you can search for action items or quickly catch up on what you missed in a meeting.


So how is all these made possible? The before-, during- and after-scenarios described here are all part of what Cisco’s latest solution Webex offers. You can learn more about cognitive collaboration on

With the introduction of AI, technology decisions can no longer be based on creating particular solutions for particular problems. Instead, AI has its own ecosystem of solutions where investing in a strategic platform will fundamentally change the way people work together, connect together and innovate together. It’s all part of being a connected world.

Learn more about Cisco Cognitive Collaboration here.