Step into peak luxury with membership in Hong Kong’s Most Exclusive Private Clubs

By Renuka Kennedy
Jul 26, 2023

As one of the world’s most bustling and vibrant cities, Hong Kong’s social scene is renowned for its luxurious venues and exclusive clubs. With so many options to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of the most prestigious and affluent private clubs in the city. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax and network or a venue for some entertainment, our guide will help you discover the best private clubs that Hong Kong has to offer and how you can become a member of them.

The Hong Kong Country Club

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Founded in the early 1960s, the Hong Kong Country Club was created with the sole initiation to create a space where people of different nationalities and races can come without being judged. As a result, the private club continues to host a diverse group of members who can all take advantage of the club’s facilities, including the different sports centres, recreation rooms, video library, restaurants and more. Besides, the club’s view of Deep Water Bay and its serene atmosphere make it the ideal place for people looking to escape from Hong Kong’s otherwise bustling scene.

Membership Requirements: Applicant should have been staying in Hong Kong for a minimum of three months.
Membership Process: A person who has been a member for at least three years should fill in the necessary forms provided by the club and submit them along with reference letters, after which the club will consider the applicant for membership.
Membership Fees: An entrance fee of HK$600,000 and a monthly fee of HK$2800.

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

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The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club exclusively welcomes members who are not just passionate about rowing and sailing, but also have participated in one of the sports. In addition to being able to take part in monthly rowing or sailing activities, a member here will also get to enjoy other perks such as getting swimming lessons, personal fitness sessions, taking part in scuba diving, and more.

Membership Requirements: Applicant should be over 18 years and have prior experience in sailing or rowing to apply for an ordinary individual membership.
Membership Process: Once the applicant shows their proof of experience, the club will consider them for membership. However, the club has currently reached its maximum quota so new applicants may have to wait for more than six months unless they are someone who has won trophies, then they will be granted membership without having to wait.
Membership Fee: An entrance fee of HK$109,200 and a monthly fee of about HK$2000.

The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club

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Another club which is in a primarily secluded location is The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club which is known for its 18-hole golf course and other facilities such as the golf simulators, a large swimming pool that can contain up to 300 people, air-conditioned sports rooms and others that make the club a go-to place for golf enthusiasts. The golf course here has even ranked as one of the best in the world, even receiving appreciation from Olympic medalist Justin Rose.

Membership Requirement: Two existing members should recommend the applicant to the club committee.
Membership Process: The prospective member should attend an interview for them to be considered to join the club.
Membership Fee: HK$6 million.

The Dynasty Club

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Catering to an audience who strives to have the best of everything – wellness, sports, or gastronomy is The Dynasty Club which accordingly has some of the best sports facilities, including a squash court, an aerobics studio, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and more. For those who love to wine and dine, there is a selection of fine dining cuisines allowing its members to enjoy delectable dishes.

Membership Requirement: An applicant should be over 21 years old.
Membership Process: Applicant should fill in a form provided by the club and provide any other additional information the club may ask before the executive committee reviews the application.
Membership Fee: An entrance fee of HK$900,000 and a monthly fee of HK$2450.

The Aberdeen Marina Club

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Whether you want to get the most relaxing massage or break a sweat by participating in sports, The Aberdeen Marina Club is perfect for people of different activity levels. The club hosts regular events, that range from VR zones to ice skating sessions, thus ensuring that its members have something fun to do with their family.

Membership Process: An applicant can only apply if they are invited to do so by the club.
Membership Fee: An entrance fee of HK$4.2 million and a monthly fee of HK$2600.

Hong Kong Aviation Club

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If you are interested in taking flying lessons or aims to get a pilot license, then you may want to join this club that caters to aviation enthusiasts. The club has a selection of fleets that range from two-seaters to five-seaters so that its members can get private one-on-one lessons or take a private jet on a round. While other services such as dining, sports and recreation are available on all days, flights are available for flying only on weekends.

Membership Requirement: Two existing members should recommend the applicant to the club committee.
Membership Process: Applicant should fill in the membership form that is available on the club’s official website for the general committee to review.
Membership Fee: An entrance fee of HK$80,000 and a monthly fee of HK$2000.

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