Heart Gallery – right Heart’s Day gifts spark a positive emotion and work all year round

By Joseff Musa
Feb 10, 2023

Unsurprisingly, February is always the time of year when there is a serious uptick in demand for heart-shaped gifts. This very ubiquity, however, should in no way diminish the many classic variations on this timeless theme on offer from such classic jewellery marques as Chopard, FRED and Harry Winston.

As ever, a judicious choice here will not only prove your undying adoration on the 14th of the month but will also prove a lasting all-year-round testament to your abiding affection. An ever-stylish Moussaieff ring or a vintage counterpart coming courtesy of a Leibish ring would make stunning additions to even the most currently well-curated selection of everyday jewellery wear.

Selecting the perfect gift is only part of the process. To make sure the desired impact is realised, equal thought must go into packing and overall ambience. Valentine’s is, after all, a whole day and not just one fleeting gifting instance.

In this photo:

  1. Harry Winston Ring 
  2. Fred Brooch 
  3. Moussaieff Ring 
  4. Chopard Bangle 
  5. Harry Winston Necklace 
  6. Harry Winston Ring 
  7. Harry Winston Earrings 
  8. Harry Winston Necklace 
  9. FRED Necklace 
  10. Harry Winston Necklace 
  11. Chopard Earrings 

(Text: Joseff Musa)