Pop Notch- One-pop rule to experiment with outfits

By Joseff Musa
Dec 14, 2022

Prepare your wardrobe for the colder season ahead with the latest collections of your favourite brands. With dresses and corsets paired with boots, the style for this season is bold enough to bring out your inner alpha female. 

Look 1

Sunglasses by Balenciaga
Gown and thigh high boots by Balenciaga

Look 2

Dress by Valentino

Look 3

Dress, belt, long socks and boots by Miu Miu

Look 4

Necklace and heels by Loewe
Coat by Balenciaga

Look 5

Gown and corset by Gucci

Look 6

Ring and dress by Bottega Veneta
Eco floral fishnet tights by Calzedonia
Heels by Prada

Look 7

Gown by Givenchy


(Photographer: Jack Law Art Direction and Styling: Jhoshwa Ledesma Videographer: Jack Fontanilla Model: Bai (Elegance Model) Hair and Make Up: Cyrus Tang)