Bespoke Chandeliers To Light Up Your Space

By Zaira Abbas
Oct 11, 2022

The classic opulent statement lighting for any space, the most elegant of embellishments for the ceiling, and certainly the focal point of any room they are in, chandeliers are synonymous with luxury décor. Once seen only in grand palaces, mansions, manor houses and ballrooms, this shimmering symbol of grandeur and status has successfully made its way into modern interiors.

Although conventional chandeliers bring to mind large, heavy installations with multiple intricate shards of glass and crystals cradling light bulbs, there are plenty of lighter options these days, if you’ll pardon the pun. Ornate modern chandeliers do not have to dominate every room they are hung in; they can fit beautifully into the average-sized home and perfectly match the minimalist themes of modern interiors. To everyone’s delight, they are available in a variety of designs, materials, sizes and price ranges.

Indeed, compared to floor lights and wide-based lamps, chandeliers work as space savers – hanging (fairly) discreetly from the ceiling. Nor will they damage your décor with unsightly holes required to mount wall lights. They are also functional as they provide ambient light, so your whole space is evenly lit with greater coverage.

Chandeliers are surprisingly versatile, too, serving as statement pieces and focal points in living rooms, dining rooms, foyers and even bedrooms. It’s no news that light can have a significant effect on your mood, so choose modestly sized chandeliers that brighten the space and fall in proportion with ceiling height; you don’t want your light to feel too warm or too close. Round, farmhouse, sputnik and rustic-style chandeliers are among the types best suited for home interiors since they add elegance without being overpowering.

Although there are endless ready-crafted designs to choose from, a custom-made chandelier allows you to reflect your unique ideas of stylish décor. A number of interior and lighting brands in Hong Kong offer bespoke services for light fixtures including chandeliers, so there is nothing to stop you from getting creative with your prestige illuminations.


Zodiac Designs

With a century worth of combined experience in the lighting industry, Zodiac Lighting’s professional in-house research and development team goes above and beyond in their bespoke luminaires. They are also the city’s key distributor of leading international lighting brands and innovative designs, having had glamerous installations featured at locations such as Hong Kong Regala Skycity Hotel. Here, the Fish Tornado hangs as a magnificent display of amber and translucent glass tubes in a spiral arrangement – a testament to the team’s brilliant designs and bespoke services.

The Plisse Cloud by Czech designer Lasvit is an elegantl chandelier that gorgeously resembles a cloud floating through the sky – its airy form gives the illusion of movement. White polished stainless steel captures the effect of blurred glass, emitting a soft, diffused light that adds to the ambiance of smaller spaces in the home, like the bedroom, lounge or dining room.

A classic piece in the brand’s decorative collection is the Linea Chandelier Round by sculptural lighting expert Brand van Egmond. This cool modification of a sputnik chandelier complements minimalist interiors. Its burnished brass finish gives it a robust style and a futuristic look that elevates kitchens spaces, reading nooks, bars and even foyers. Essentially a rectangular variation of a multi-tiered chandelier, an array of suspended glass hangs in what seems like a gentle spiral motion, making this an iconic installment to any venue that as it takes pride of place on higher ceilings and in spacious halls.

Your Casa

Apart from selling a wide selection of luxury furniture, lighting and statement pieces, décor expert Casa Modernism has a team of in-house designers to create bespoke lights, from wall-mounted and floor lights to ceiling and pendant lights crafted from hand-blown glass that often translates the themes of nature into the form of magnificent chandeliers. For instance, the Rain Chandelier is a beautiful, delicately hand-forged statement piece. Inspired by the motion of raindrops, the structure features frosted glass with splashes of rosy pink at the tips while mounted on a bronze frame. Though its impressive decorative embellishment goes further than its soft aesthetics as it is innovatively designed to change in colour according to  the temperature of the room.

The Waterfall Chandelier is another stunning design that would undoubtedly be an artistic centerpiece for any ciruclar room grand entrance. It takes the form of a column while mimicking the shape of a water fountain as it cascades down from the ceiling – a magnificent shower of mesmerising light falling down to Earth. Its brilliance is made even more spectacular at night with chromatic hues of blue and gold glass crystals illuminating in the form of droplets under the shine of the light.

On the other hand, the Electrifier Chandelier, a collection of thin spiralled crystals that group together to a torus core frame. A focal point of any room or hall, this sculptural masterpiece is a manifestation of the magnificence of a thunderstorm brewing in the sky, embellished with elegant lines and meticulous detailing. Similarly, the long, multicoloured crystals of the Sparking Stars Chandelier recalls a playful confetti of shooting stars.

Baseline Brilliance

Baseline Lighting Design Studio, on the other hand, has been known to offer its expertise in bespoke lighting creations to luxury brands and hotels across the city. One of their finest works, a representation of intertwined rings, hangs in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Golden Mile. It is a 15-meter long chandelier crafted from aluminium tubes, then painted black and gold with dynamic and controllable pixel LEDs.

Another noteworthy creation is the decorative chandelier that hangs at The Peninsula Cafe and Boutique, designed to lay low to mirror the tables, it offers a regal glow in such a grand space. Meanwhile, regulars at now closed Jamie’s Italian would remember the jazzy, rustic diner and its statement chandeliers that hung overhead in sections. An integral part of the décor and experience, they gave the space a luxurious feel that elevated the interiors of the modern eatery.


Text: Zaira Abbas. Photos: Zodiac Designs, Casa Modernism, Baseline Lighting Studio