Light Source: Amplify the ambience of your home with a personalised lamp

By Zaira Abbas
Apr 23, 2024

Lamps are a powerful medium to evoke emotions and a popular choice for bringing both functionality and style to a room. Whether you are looking to create a cosy reading nook or simply want to add some ambience, table lamps offer a range of benefits that can enhance your décor and improve your overall living experience.

Essential as task lighting for reading in bed or working at your desk, a pendant lamp or side lamp provides the necessary illumination to help you see clearly and avoid eye strain. Plus, with adjustable options like dimmer switches or adjustable necks, these lights can be customised to specific needs. Larger light sources, meanwhile, are central in spaces that bring people together and celebrate the social side of life.

Whatever the practical purpose, a bespoke, outstanding or cutting-edge light casts the personality of its owner into the spotlight. Here, we single out some of the shining stars in lamp design.

Light with Shade

A Hong Kong business passionate about vintage and industrial-style lamps, Light with Shade facilitates the creation of personalised lamps for unique interior themes. It offers a variety of quality designs and materials at affordable prices for DIY projects at home as well as fixtures for offices, shops and restaurants.

As a member of the band Living Disco Head, company founder Lo Yat-ming had firsthand experience with multimedia visual arts and how lighting builds drama and atmosphere. The advertising and product designer established Light with Shade a decade ago and boasts an impressive track record of designing lights for clients in Hong Kong, the US, Europe and Indonesia.


UK design-led lighting expert Innermost has been synonymous with quirky and daring innovation for 25 years. Guided by a desire to rebel against the norm, and backed by manufacturing experience that allows the repurposing of conventional approaches, the company’s curated collection of lights defies expectations. It works with some of the best-known modern lighting brands to offer incredible original designs.

Passionate about each design, the Innermost team explores how illumination can be used as a raw material and pays close attention to every detail that goes into its manifestation. Their designers travel around the globe sourcing the best materials and the most suitable producers for each component – from prototyping in Hong Kong to using hand-blown glass by artisans in the Czech Republic and bespoke engineering at their factory in the UK.

With a focus on sustainable design, their lights and lamps are a blend of high-quality materials and a genuine care for the environment. They work with clients to ensure that each piece is cutting-edge and classy. Their Foundry line of spun-metal pendant lights is a staple for any modern interior and can be ordered in customised colours to suit all spaces.

The Home Stylist

Launched in 2013 with a vision to illuminate spaces with class and elegance, The Home Stylist sees lighting as one of the most important parts of the home. Whether a lamp for the table, floor or ceiling, the right colour and shape can bring a whole room together. After years of struggling to find innovative lamps in Hong Kong, the company saw the light when award-winning Australian interior designer Adelaide Bragg came on board. Bragg’s timeless pieces in the elegant Classic or vibrant Colour Pop ranges are available in hand-picked colours to fit beautifully in all kinds of spaces.

Stunning lamp bases from Bragg & Co. can be complemented by bespoke lampshades. The Home Stylist founder Alex Sheldon crafts handmade shades from her Hong Kong home, finding the perfect fabric for clients and tailoring it to an elegant base of their choice.

The Ginger Jar Lamp

For a touch of class emanating from Imperial China, The Ginger Jar Lamp Co. pairs vintage Chinese ginger jars with artisanal lamp shades to create contemporary, limited-edition table lamps. Hand-painted pieces adhere to traditional Qing dynasty methods, with each jar design having an auspicious meaning. Their signature lamp shades are made by skilled craftspeople using a range of vibrant fabrics sourced across Asia.

Vintage blue-and-white glazed jars handmade in Jingdezhen and featuring flora and fauna patterns, Ginger Jar Mini lamps are perfect for smaller spaces such as slim consoles and bedside cabinets, or a dining table or sideboard with a less expansive footprint. These diminutive beauties are harder to source than their more common, larger counterparts. A jar- less alternative, Classic Faux Bamboo wooden lamps are an attractive addition to any home. Available as a table or floor lamp, the versatile design fits smartly into any interior space.

Another top collection, Hong Kong Homage, celebrates the city’s iconic skyline. Depicting daily life against the backdrop of Victoria Peak, this specially commissioned design is available in imperial blue or jade green as a ginger jar table lamp, a ginger jar or a limited-edition art print.

In a bustling metropolis like Hong Kong, where captivating sights and sounds abound, and tradition meets modernity, a unique industry has been quietly thriving – bespoke light lamp shops offering a haven of artistic expression and craftsmanship. These ateliers, with their dedication to personalised creations, bring the magic of light into our lives, while preserving the beauty of traditional craftsmanship. As we navigate an increasingly digital world, these establishments serve as a reminder of the enduring allure of handmade artistry and the importance of cherishing our cultural heritage. So, the next time you find yourself in Hong Kong, make sure to step into one of these bespoke light lamp shops and let the radiance of their creations illuminate your soul.