The Best Dim Sum Spots in Hong Kong: Restaurants Serving The Tastiest Dim Sums

By Renuka Kennedy
May 08, 2023

Dim Sums have become a favourite for many people because they are extremely flavourful and the choices when it comes to picking a dim sum are endless. Besides, there is nothing more mouth-watering and comforting than a steaming hot tray of this classic Chinese dish on any given day but they are particularly great to eat on a chilly or rainy day. Considering the random rain showers that we are seeing in Hong Kong in the last couple of days, we have put together the best restaurants to eat dim sums in the city.

Awarded a one-Michelin star for three years in a row, the Chinese cuisine Man Ho is one restaurant where you can find Hong Kong’s best dim sums that have found a place in almost every foodie’s heart. The eatery is known for being popular among ex-pats for adding a Western approach to this otherwise oriental dish that is made with thoroughly hand-picked produce from the city’s local markets under the guidance of its Dim Sum Head Chef Leung Wing Pan. The highly-recommended dumplings here include the Baked whole-dried South African abalone puff with wild mushrooms and Steamed minced cod fish and shrimp dumpling with soy sauce.

Given the popularity of dim sums, most people have savoured the dish at least once in their lives but if you want to try something different while enjoying the rush of flavours that you experience when biting on a piece of dim sum, then you should try the ones from Bino ‘N’ Booze. The hot pot restaurant offers two soup bases that have alcohol mixed in them – The Signature Red Wine Oxtail and Tomato Soup and The Pig Tripe and Chicken in Beer Soup. When combined with the carefully hand-rolled dumplings, the dumplings melt right in your mouth to give a unique yet comforting taste. The must-try here are the Abalone and Black Truffle Dumplings and the Drunken Chicken Dumplings.

If this happens to be your first time trying a dim sum or you simply liked to be spoiled with so many choices then your go-to restaurant for dim sums should be Fox Glove. Offering nearly 30 options varying from seafood and meat to vegetable dumplings, this speakeasy restaurant allows you to try different and as many dim sums as you like. The newest addition is the Sichuan Peppercorn Xiao Long Bao which is inspired by the Shainghanese dumplings sold at a highly-raved street stall in Shanghai.

Perfect for meat lovers and vegans, Mott 32’s newly-updated Dim Sum menu puts taste at the forefront. In addition to the restaurant’s already existing steamed dim sum platters, its executive chef Lee Man Sing has collaborated with the plant-based food company Plant Sifu to launch a set of plant-based dim sum dishes that are only available until June 30. As expected from this contemporary Chinese restaurant, every ingredient is carefully picked from different parts of the world thus giving a contemporary twist to the traditional Chinese dish.

Seafood lovers can always count on D.H.K. Seafood Restaurant to devour pescatarian dim sums. What makes their dim sum or any other dish stand out is their cooking style which is a very traditional Guangdong way of cooking. You should definitely try one of their newest creations Plant-based Pork Siu Mai, Plant-based Pork & Shrimp Dumpling Soup and Plant-based Pork & Shrimp Bean Curd Roll in Broth.