British Airways’ Club Suites are the perfect way to travel between Hong Kong and London

By Renuka Kennedy
Jul 27, 2023

British Airways doubles its schedule to include two daily fleets – an Airbus A350 and a Boeing 787 jet – from Hong Kong to London and two from London to Hong Kong.

According to the airline’s current timetable, the flights will take off from Hong Kong International Airport at 23:10 HKT and 23:20 HKT and land at London Heathrow Airport at 06:40 BST (13:40 HKT) and 06:50 (13:50 HKT) respectively.

Simultaneously, the aircraft flying from LHR to HKG will depart from London at 18:00 BST (01:00 HKT) and arrive in Hong Kong at 13:40 HKT while the second LHR-HKG flight will depart at 20:55 BST (03:55 HKT) and arrive at 16:35 HKT.

Top-class Amenities

club suites

With all four trips being non-stop long-haul flights, travellers expect unhinged comfort throughout their journey and British Airways delivers the same with its Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 jets having Club Suites in their business class cabins or as British Airways calls it, Club World.

Each Club Suite offers top-class amenities that ensure that each passenger’s trip goes beyond their satisfaction. Such features include a vanity unit with a mirror, a set of a cosy pillow and a quilt, a USB and power slots and a WIFI connection. The suites also have separate doors for each of them, thus offering a private and undisturbed flight.

british airways

Moreover, with the Club World following a 1:2:1 seating arrangement, it is perfect for both solo travellers and passengers flying with someone to accompany them, and it also allows every flyer to have direct access to the aisle. Best of all, the seats can be adjusted to become a 6-feet bed making it easy for people to stretch and relax during their journey.

Delectable Food and Wine

british airways

As expected from a well-established airline like British Airways, the dining experience in the Club Suites is also guaranteed to be amazing, especially with the airline introducing four English sparkling wines to its menu. This includes Digby Fine English Brut NV, Balfour Rosé de Noirs, Simpsons Chalklands Cuvee Brut NV, and Wiston Estate Brut NV which will all be served on a rotational basis, with British Airways picking two of these four bubblies for each flight and switching the options every three months. In addition to these sparkling wines, passengers also enjoy the Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Silver Top Non-Vintage Champagne.

As for the food, each meal will come with a main course of the passenger’s choice along with a starter, a dessert and cheese.

Sustainable Flying

British Airways is also determined that its flights are friendly to the environment. As a result, its fleets will produce less noise which is said to be reduced by 40 per cent; emit less CO2 and burn 25 per cent less fuel.

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