K11 Musea welcomes ‘Mendittorosa, In Daymon Name’ Pop-Up Store by Scented Niche

By Gafencu
Apr 26, 2024

Showcasing finest Neapolitan artistry with stellar inspirations

Scented Niche’s ‘Mendittorosa, In Daymon Name’ Pop-Up Store at K11 Musea is a celebration of Italian design intertwined with cosmic tales.

The event unveils the ‘Black Diamond Edition – In Noccolo Name,’ a jewellery collection that draws inspiration from the mythical journey of Noccolo, a mystical black cat linked to the timeless saga of black diamonds and their interstellar legacy. The exclusive Black Daymon fragrance will also be presented, offering a limited-edition scent that captures the essence of Naples’ rich artisanal culture.

Mendittorosa Daymonilia Jewelry Collection – “In Noccolo Name”

The “In Noccolo Name” collection boasts an exquisite totemic pendant wrought in white gold, featuring a dual-sided design reminiscent of a cat’s paw and adorned with black diamonds. Available with silver chain, this collection, which emerges as a charming addition to the revered Daymonilia pendant series, not only celebrates the allure of black diamonds—gems that carry the mystique of celestial origins—but also honours the enigmatic beauty of black cats, viewed as earthbound ambassadors of the mystical.

Daymonilia’s jewellery was inspired by the success of the Daymon fragrance. Handcrafted in Italy, these creations embody traditional goldsmithing excellence.

Mendittorosa Black Daymon Eau de Parfum (Limited Edition)

Daymon stands as the crowning jewel in the Mendittorosa olfactory collection, a personal favourite of the brand’s founder, Stefania Squeglia. Each Mendittorosa scent is a labour of love, typically taking two years from conception to fruition—a testament to the brand’s dedication to artistry and quality. Daymon, a unique bestselling fragrance, has traversed this journey of creation, inspired by the nobility of animals and a commitment to their protection.

Mendittorosa Heritage

Mendittorosa, the quintessence of Italian olfactory artistry, is the brainchild of Stefania Squeglia, whose passion for the intangible— spirituality, philosophy, and the cosmos—is distilled into the brand’s essence.

Pop Up Store Details

“Mendittorosa, In Daymon Name Pop-Up Store” Location: 5/F., K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Pop-Up Period: Now to 30th June, 2024 (11am to 8pm)

During the pop-up event, customer who purchase any Mendittorosa creations will receive a complimentary “In Noccolo Name” petit illustration book and an Italian handmade gift, available while supplies last.