Five reasons to buy from local coffee roasters and where to find them

By Roberliza
Jun 08, 2022

Few things beat the pleasure of a morning cuppa, freshly roasted, grounded and brewed to rich, nutty perfection. Although a quick tap on a Nespresso machine could easily hit the right spot, there is something about fresh grounds that completes the blissful experience of a morning brew. Coffee roasters take raw coffee which comes in varying degrees of green and “cook” them in a roasting machine specially designed for coffee beans. Combining the perfect temperature and measurements of air, gas and time, roasteries are able to bring out the full, robust flavours of each coffee type. 

Sourcing from local roasteries across the city, these experts not only provide the freshest options of roasted coffees, but also provide top quality and a wide range of choices that are notches above those you would find at your neighbourhood supermarket.

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Making sure you always start your day right, Gafencu searched far and wide to find the local coffee roasteries to get your coffee beans freshly roasted and ensure you have your cuppa right. Check out our guide to the best local coffee roasters in the city.

1. Freshness

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To those uninitiated in the art of coffee making, many might not know that coffee is at its peak flavour between 3 days to 2 weeks after it’s been roasted. Which explains why store bought — no matter the grade, quality, origin and price, never seems to give you that same satisfaction and joy that a freshly roasted, ground cup of coffee does.

2. Quality

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(Photo courtesy of Coffee Roaster Asia)

Coffee making is a passion that gives and takes. To the coffee roasters, it is an art form, a combination of experience, expertise and calculative measurement that highlights the best flavour profile, aromatic notes and characteristics of each varietal type. To its customers, it is an aromatic pleasure and appreciation of quality and delicious notes that makes their day.

Much like sommeliers, coffee roasters use their knowledge of the wide range of variety, country of origin and altitudes, and source products small farmers that work hard to produce good quality coffee. These experts understand how best to roast the beans to bring out the full potential of each varietal — producing rich and balanced flavours.


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3. Choices

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(Photo courtesy of Hazel & Hershey coffee roasters)

Offering more than just your typical Arabica and Robusta at your local supermarket, coffee roasters are just as passionate about their coffees as their drinkers. They source the best quality of coffee they can afford and import from a range of different countries. At your local coffee roastery will find a slew of choices that go beyond the milder Brazilian and Colombian options, such as the fruitier Ethiopian varietal or the richer Kenyan alternative. 

4. Expertise

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(Photo courtesy of Coffee Roasters Asia)


When you visit your local roastery, you will be able to experience different types or flavors of coffee that you might not otherwise be exposed to at your local Starbucks. And with so many choices to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick out the right one to suit your palate. Fortunately, coffee roasters are knowledgeable in all things coffee, and will happily answer your brewing qualm, from brewing techniques to grind sizes and water ratio for particular brewing methods. 

5. Better for the environment

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Buying roasted coffee beans from local coffee roasteries are, not only a pleasure to drink, but it is also a great way to practice sustainability. The green at local coffee roasteries are roasted daily, some are roasted-to-order, and produced in small batches which helps reduce carbon footprint. You can also find certified Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance labels on some brands that ensures sustainable sourcing and productions. 


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Where to get your fresh locally roasted coffee beans?

18 Grams 
18 Grams is Hong Kong’s premium specialty coffee company, Each coffee bean is grind upon order, ensuring maximum flavor from each type of coffee bean, they also offer coffee brewing equipment on our website. For more information: Good Luck Industrial Building, Kwun Tong.

Coffee Roasters Asia
Coffee Roasters Asia sources high-quality green from coffee around the world. They offer a range of quality blends, single origin and premium coffee to choose from and frequently update their selections, providing customers a new flavour each time they return. Home delivery across the city is also available. For more information: (852) 9889 6155. Aberdeen Industrial Building, Aberdeen.

Hazel & Hershey Coffee Roasters
Hazel & Hershey is a certified Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance company. Exercising the practice of mindfully sourced beans, innovative coffee products and using pckaging materials such as 100% recyclable PE/EVOH coffee bags, their promotion of community and sustainable practices are central to its brand mission. Aside from coffee their online and retail stores also offer accessories for customers’ brewing needs. For more information: (852) 3106 0760 / (852) 9628 2468. Peel Street, Central.

Cowbird Coffee
Most coffee lovers would have heard of % Arabica by now, but did you know that its Hawaii-originated beans are roasted locally in Lantau Island? Cowbird Coffee is a small batch artisan roastery that offers a roast-to-order service. For more information:

K-Town Roasters
Kennedy Town’s best kept secret is this hidden away homegrown K-Town Roasters. New to the scene this roastery only opened shop in 2021, offering locally crafted, carefully selected espresso blends and single origins that are freshly roasted in their Kennedy Town roastery. For more information:


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