Your guide to purchasing an art piece that you won’t regret

By Renuka Kennedy
May 18, 2023

For most people, art is a decoration complementing the interior architecture of their house and an investment piece so it is necessary to make a thorough and careful selection while picking an art canvas that you will most likely hang in your living space. It is important that it is something that fits your personal taste and also has significant value to it so Gafencu has put together a step-by-step guide to purchasing an art piece that you won’t regret.

buying art

Start by exploring the art world

The art world is a never-ending vast ocean with so much to explore, so it is important to start by gaining exposure to the art scene to discover different options available in the market. Fortunately, it is fairly convenient to examine the art scene these days. You can attend some important art events like Art Basel, Art Central or Affordable Art Fair that happen on an annual basis or you can visit art exhibitions that happen in local galleries. Besides, the internet is also a resourceful place for it, given the list of art-related content like these artistic Instagram pages that you can come across in browsers and social media.

buying art

Get to know what art resonates with you

The more art you see, the more you will get to know what you like. Affordable Art Fair Director Regina Zhang says that when you walk into a gallery with the intention of buying art, it is important to keep an open mind. By having no predetermined notion, it becomes easier for you to note what sort of art you are attracted to. Do you seem to be drawn to a specific style of painting, a particular theme or a certain art period?

buying art

Do your research

Once you know what you find appealing, it is time to do some research especially if your art purchase is going to be an investment. Try reading art magazines, and official websites of artists or galleries to learn more about the art you like. You can also talk to industry experts to clarify all your doubts. Having a good knowledge of the subject will entail you to make an informed decision about what you want. Plus, reading further or talking to more art aficionados would also give you more options or will lead you to filter your decision and help you settle on what you are exactly going to buy.

Consider your interior design

If you are buying art, you are probably planning to have it framed on your wall so it is important to check a few things before making the purchase. The first and most important thing is finding out how small or big it can be because you can always repaint the walls and redecorate the entire room to coordinate with your art if you want but nothing can be done about the size of the wall. You should also ensure that it will be possible to get the frame or the sculptor through the doors.

buying art

Buy the art

So, you have funnelled down to the exact artwork you want. It is time to go ahead and check their prices especially if you have a certain budget in mind. It is perfect if the rates fall within your allotment or you are willing to pay a couple of extra thousands above your budget because you absolutely love the art piece you selected. If not, you can go for the other options in mind.