Caviar etiquette done right

By Roberliza
Mar 23, 2022

It’s every canape’s touch of luxury and fine-dining’s crown jewel… Always a fancy sight at a high-end cocktail party or soirée with a finesse. Served on a bed of crushed ice and delicately plated in dollop sizes, it is a delicacy that elevates any delicious plating — especially when the price tags of these sturgeon roes cost a whopping HK$6,000 per tin of 500g, it would be heartbreaking to serve anything but the best at your extravagant do. Check out our guide on the dos and don’ts of serving caviar:

Serving caviar at your next soiree The Do's and Don'ts gafencu


Experts say that the perfect temperature to store caviar is within a range of -2 to 2°C. It’s best to keep the roes chilled by sitting the tin on a bed of crushed ice. However, if you are plating it, whether on canapes or to garnish a plate, scoop the servings fresh from the chiller and never at room temperature for an optimal tasting temperature. Do relish it right there and then, however, opened tins of caviar can stay in the fridge for up to three days. 

Do not use metallic utensils

Silverware may be synonymous to fine-dining, but in the case of caviar, using a silver spoon or any other serving utensils made from metal is a big no. Caviar is delicate and absorbs flavours easily. When it comes in contact with silver, it loses some of its naturally delicious flavours and picks up a metallic taste that can totally ruin the diner’s experience.

In place of silverware, serve caviar with a mother of pearl spoon. The material is non-reactive, meaning – it doesn’t hold nor will it transfer any flavour to the roes. 

Serving caviar at your next soiree The Do's and Don'ts gafencu

Don’t season caviar

As much as it feels natural to add salt or seasoning to your dishes at the end of the preparation, there is no reason to do so with caviar. These silver-grey or black (and sometimes white) roes are naturally rich and robust in flavours. The pea-sized roes bursts with sensational and mouth-watering flavours that offer a mild tang and creamy butter to the palate. 

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What to serve with Caviar

To serve caviar with accompaniments is a choice that offers a wonderful dining experience, whichever way. It is often advised to serve caviar in its tin on a bed of ice because they are so delicate. These eggs break easily and once rupture, the flavours are lost. But if they are to be plated, these pea-sized roes should always be handled with care. 

Serve caviar with food that complements its rich flavours, but not overpowers it. A traditional route is serving a spoonful of roes with a traditional Russian blini, a thin buckwheat pancake, and top it with sour cream. Unsalted crackers, hard-boiled eggs, or buttered toasts garnished with chopped chives and a side of crème fraîche are also typical and delicious. 

What to drink with Caviar

Pairing champagne with caviar is, although common and a fine match, but did you know that premium vodka is actually the traditional pairing for this delicacy?

Alternatively, any fine dry wine would do well to complement the pop of saltiness from the  caviar while balancing its silky rich flavours as well. For a non-alcoholic beverage, any citrus-based mocktail will do well to contrast the saltiness of the caviar. 

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