Game of Thrones meets haute couture with Delvaux’s new collection

By Renuka
Dec 02, 2017

In a move guaranteed to thrill Game of Thrones fans, luxury leather brand Delvaux just unveiled four exclusive lines of bags and accessories inspired by the mega cultural phenomenon. These GoT-themed goods are part of Delvaux’s limited-edition Couture Exclusive Collection.

Each line draws inspiration from well-known personas in the fantasy land of Westeros. Golden Glory’s buckles derive its shape from the Iron Throne, itself, while Iron Shield’s militaristic metal tones come from Jaime Lannister’s armour. Black Beauty is influenced by Melisandre’s dark ethereal beauty, and Cersei Lannister’s beautifully embroidered gowns inspired the designs of Queen’s Desire.

The Couture Exclusive Collection features just 1,810 handmade pieces, so don’t miss out on the chance to own your own Game of Thrones-inspired handbag! The Couture Exclusive Collection is now available exclusively at select Delvaux boutiques.

Text: Tenzing Thondup
Images: Delvaux, HBO