Revel in Luxury: Dazzling baubles add a touch of glamour and sparkle

By Joseff Musa
Jul 02, 2024

Look 1

Studded purse by Giorgio Armani,  studded bag by Giorgio Armani, white hat by Canada Goose & brown and black sunglasses by Yves Saint Laurent

Look 2

White ribbon hair clip by Jennifer Behr, blue studded bag by Giorgio Armani, black studded bag by Giorgio Armani & black headband by Roger Vivier

Look 3

Belt by Giorgio Armani, metalic purse by Giorgio Armani, hat by Canada Goose & metalic sunglasses by Alexander McQueen

Look 4

Brown bag by Giorgio Armani, belt by Christian Dior, fringe bag by Fendi, black pumps by Marie Adam-Leenaerdt, pink sun visor by Christian Dior & green handbag by Giorgio Armani

Look 5

Floral hat by Gucci, pink handbag by Giorgio Armani & gold and brown

framed sunglasses by Yves Saint Laurent

Silver clutch by Giorgio Armani, floral scarf by Gucci & pink stelletos by Giorgio Armani