Dyson launches new Dyson HEPA Big+Quiet Formaldehyde BP06 purifier that is ideal for large indoor commercial spaces

By Renuka Kennedy
Aug 30, 2023

Dyson steps up its air purifier game with its new Dyson HEPA Big+Quiet Formaldehyde BP06 purifier which is more powerful and quiet than its previous creations. Built to be used in indoor spaces like offices, the new Dyson air purifier is engineered with avant-garde technologies for commercial use that enable the gadget to work with high efficiency without making much noise. Below are some aspects that help the Dyson HEPA Big+Quiet Formaldehyde purifier stand out.

High Airflow

dyson air purifier

The Dyson HEPA Big+Quiet Formaldehyde BP06 purifier is backed by cone aerodynamics which allows the purifier to absorb and purify 90 litres of airflow per second. This is said to be twice the rate of the previous air purifiers. Simultaneously, the machine projects purified air at a 50-degree angle thus reducing any kind of resistance to the airflow.

Purified Air

dyson air purifier

The newly launched air purifier is built with three layers of filtering technologies that ensure that the air flowing from the machine is extremely pure. These include the HEPA H13-grade particle filter, the activated carbon filter and the Dyson Selective Catalytic Oxidation (SCO) filter.

The HEPA H13-grade particle filter plays a crucial role by absorbing 99.95 per cent of the dust and allergen particles from the air. The activated carbon filter absorbs nitrogen dioxide, VOCs and other odours that usually enter the room from the outside. Taking care of harmful chemicals like the formaldehyde molecules, that are produced by things inside the room such as wallpaper, paint, carpets and more, is the SCO filter that breaks down the formaldehyde molecules into carbon dioxide and water with the help of oxygen.

Monitoring CO2 Levels

dyson air purifier

In addition to purifying air, the Dyson HEPA Big+Quiet Formaldehyde BP06 purifier has a feature that records and displays the carbon dioxide level of the room on an LCD screen. The output is colour-coded and the readings are displayed in green, yellow or red based on the CO2 levels. While green is considered safe, red indicates that the room needs some ventilation.

Low Noise

dyson air purifier

Despite all these high-powered features, you will hardly hear the air purifier as it maintains a noise level of 55.6 decibels. If you are wondering how loud is 55.6 dB, then you should note that the noise from a typical office is somewhere around 60 dB to 70 dB.

This kind of noise reduction is achieved by Dyson by adding two internal parts to the air purifier – Helmholtz cavity and labyrinth seal. The job of the Helmholtz cavity is to absorb the sound energy produced by the air purifier, while the labyrinth seal plays a role in noise reduction by reducing sound energy.

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