Epitome of luxury bedding

By Gafencu
Feb 07, 2024

Sleep the sleep of the saved with Hastens Grand Vividus

Designed by world-renowned lifestyle interior design maestro Ferris Rafauli, and crafted with the utmost precision by Hastens, the Grand Vividus series sets a new standard in opulent bedding.

Classic design

What sets Grand Vividus apart is its collaboration with the esteemed designer Ferris Rafauli, bringing together timeless and classic design elements. Hastens, known for its commitment to quality and attention to detail, upholds this tradition with Grand Vividus. This extraordinary bed has found its place in the bedrooms of privileged individuals, including celebrities, members of royalty, and fashion pioneers who seek luxury and comfort.

With a rich history spanning 171 years, Hastens has been passed down through five generations, maintaining its unwavering dedication to exquisite craftsmanship. Their mission remains constant—to create the finest bedding for the world, delivering the ultimate sleep experience to humanity.

High quality sleep

Hastens mattresses incorporate materials such as horsehair, wool, cotton, linen, Swedish pine, and individually pocketed springs, all chosen for their natural advantages. These materials are gentle on the skin, offering breathability with horsehair and insulation with wool. The seamless fusion of these elements creates an impeccable mattress, ensuring the highest quality sleep every night and promoting optimal health benefits.

Visit Hastens

Visit Hastens, the purveyor of Swedish luxury bedding, at Shop 312-314, 3/F, Landmark Atrium, Central, Hong Kong. To make an appointment, kindly contact them at 2877-8899.

Indulge in the world of HASTENS and experience the HKD5 million+ pinnacle of luxury and comfort for a truly rejuvenating sleep.