Essential Luxury Gadgets That Will Transform Your Lifestyle

By Neil Dolby
Jan 29, 2024

Supreme Speaker

Speakers exuding crystal clear sound

Bang & Olufsen’s latest speaker system has raised the bar again in the quality of its sound with its latest offering – Beolab 8. It offers some incredible features and comes with a unique versatility that is sure to make it attractive to people who value premium sound systems. There are three speakers crafted into one – a surround sound powerhouse, a standalone device, and a stirring stereo experience, all from the same speaker. It can play anywhere, table, floor and wall, has high-resolution wireless streaming built-in, maps a room for peak playback, and promises groundbreaking room-shaking sound.

The performance of the speakers has been improved in a variety of ways: the speaker’s beam width control offers the ability to narrow down with the precision audio to maximise the sweet spot for listeners, or alternatively, users can go wide and diffuse sound throughout the room; Beolab 8 room compensation feature can base the sound on the environment of the room to make for crystal-clear sound quality; it can adapt to its own front-cover configuration through internal sensors to fine-tune the sound for optimal performance; ultra-wideband technology will even be able to direct acoustic sweet spot based on a user’s phone location. Beolab 8 can be connected to other devices and new products in B&O’s premium range. Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast and BeoLink Multiroom technologies are integrated. Price from HK$41,720.

Top Bot

Friend who is always there

This superb homebot could become your next best friend as it travels through your house – or the home of a loved one – looking after your every need and other family members. Using Auto Navigation and AI Face Recognition technology the EBO X can travel anywhere in the house and detect all sorts of situations that warrant attention. If an elderly family member has fallen the homebot can detect this duringauto-cruising, or perhaps a baby is crying for help, the EBO X will detect this and send a message via an App to call you for immediate attention. Indeed, if anyone is calling for help this bot will notify you through an App. The bot can even seek out a loved one using facial recognition and remind them to take medication at the prescribed time. Another function which is sure to be of great interest is the ability of the bot to ward off people from restricted areas and send an alert if someone enters this space. Ultimately, with its 4k stabilised camera with night vision, it can help secure your home against intruders. It comes with a premium speaker with Harman AudioEFX and can assist in providing a two- way conversation with family members. It can be assigned specific tasks, even act as a companion for your pet or take photos and videos. The bot has Alexa Built-in and V-Slam navigation, and control of the bot is either via voice commands, through an App or by touching the silver zones on its sides. Costs from US$999.