Essential Elegance

By Renuka
Oct 11, 2017

From Waterford’s beautifully-cut crystal decanters to Michael Kors’ elegant range of handbags and Estaraza’s stylish crocodile-skin collection, the Gafencu E-Shop offers the ultimate selection of online luxury.

Personally selected by many of the most discerning buyers in the world of high-end retailing, the Gafencu portfolio brings together a unique variety of sought-after items from the world’s leading high street outlets and digital platforms. Pre-endorsed by an international clientele of iconic trendsetters, every item will enhance the lifestyle and residential ambience of even the most aspirational and affluent of households.

Ordering couldn’t be easier. Just click on your selection and provide your payment details. Your chosen items will then be directly delivered to your chosen destination.

The Gafencu portfolio will be regularly reviewed, with exclusive limited editions, pre-orders of stylish new lines and seasonal previews all being rolled out in the coming months.