Hankow Centre: Creating a vibrant living space for all the family

By Gafencu
Jun 19, 2024

Hankow Centre, situated in Tsim Sha Tsui, boasts a distinctive residential design spanning over 1000 square feet, tailored for an Indian family of five. By combining two units, an extra-large living space was created, reimagined through interior customization and spatial planning. The minimalist approach adopted by our designer features wood tones and curved lines throughout, maintaining a cohesive theme and cultivating an open and spacious residential environment.

Living & Dining Room

The foyer area incorporates mirrors within a minimalist colour scheme to maximize natural light, particularly in areas with limited daylight. The dining and living spaces have been seamlessly integrated into an extra-large hall, with an open layout providing clear separation and purpose definition. To address protruding beams, decorative false ceilings were introduced, adorned with circular lines for added embellishment. Built-in wall cabinets in the dining and living areas offer ample storage while harmonizing with the curved feature wall design, enhancing the overall spatial arrangement.

Master Ensuite & Closet

The master suite features a storage wall cabinet that divides the sleeping area from a small walk-in closet, exuding a serene and natural ambience with grey-beige hues, wooden furniture, and hardwood flooring. The television area is integrated with storage functionality on one side of the storage wall, fulfilling the owner’s requirements. The master bathroom boasts both a shower cubicle and a bathtub, offering a complete range of functional amenities.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Designed for the owner’s three children, each room incorporates unique features to foster an ideal growth environment. The son’s bedroom integrates vibrant colours as accents in a minimalist space, with a feature wall for displaying books and models, creating a joyful atmosphere.

This room is equipped with an ensuite bathroom featuring unique tile textures, as well as the inclusion of both a shower cubicle and a bathtub.The daughter’s room, designed in a pink colour scheme, offers ample space for activities and multiple wardrobes for enhanced storage capacity.

Grande Interior Design

Established in 2013 by Matthew Li and Maggy Cheung, Grande Interior Design is a globally recognized award-winning interior design studio. We gatherinsightsfrom research, experimentation, and experiencesto create customized living ways and it is widely considered to be one of the most unique practicesto emerge in recent years.

With a focus on aesthetics, lifestyle, functionality, and sustainability, the studio curates bespoke designs for residential, commercial, hospitality, F&B, and mixed-use projects. Upholding a reputation for innovative and high-quality designs, the team at Grande Interior Design aims to deliver projects on time and within budget, ensuring perfection in every aspect of the design process.