Linear Silvers

By Joseff Musa
Dec 21, 2022

Jewellery is always an investment worth making and now more than ever, there has been an influx in sales. We’re familiar with the dazzle of Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels. As of late, other labels too are catching our eye.

Chaumet Ring

On the runways, jewellery frequently plays a supporting role as a lovely decoration or a subtle accent that you only see when you zoom in.

Chopard Pendant

But jewellery may also reveal a lot about a person’s personality and sense of style, whether it be basic or maximalist, daring or conservative.

Chopard Ring

It provides insight into a person’s priorities and interests, whether they be family and craft as demonstrated by antique artifacts and hand-made trinkets, or nature with crystals and sustainable materials.

Cartier Bracelet

Elsewhere, fashion’s artistic inclinations came through in astonishing statement hoops, wire-like sculptures, and extra-long fringe earrings, elevating the body to a walking canvas.

Buccellati Pendant


(Text: Joseff Musa)