Montblanc redefines the Meisterstück Collection

By Roberliza
Mar 11, 2022

Long lauded for its artisanal skills and distinctive finishes, Montblanc, the rightly-renowned German maker of luxury watches, writing implements and accessories, has given its iconic Meisterstück Collection a sweeping all-leather overhaul this season.

MST Classic, 2022

Inspired by the classic Meisterstück writing instrument, the updated line sees an array of beautifully crafted leather goods accented in motifs drawn from that very design. Think nib-shaped zip pulls in vintage palladium, the emblazoning of its ’20s-era Mont Blanc mountain graphics across pouches, and even nib-shaped leather detailing etched across sundry bag handles and straps.

Montblanc Redefining the Meisterstück Collection leather bag pouch wallet and accessories (2)
Meisterstück Long Wallet, Meisterstück Pocket, Meisterstück Key Pouch

Typified by more contemporary, rounder silhouettes burnished in a new, luxuriously soft deep-black leather, the new Meisterstück creations run the gamut from larger bags such as the Neo Tote and Duffle to medium-sized Portfolios and Pouches. Among the assortment of smaller offerings – all available in the buyer’s choice of Montblanc black, red or blue – are such useful designs as Wallets, Card holders and Key Pouches.

Meisterstück Duffle

Imbued with that sense of timeless elegance that has made Montblanc so beloved the world over, you can rest assured that each of the multitudinous pieces in this attractive new luxury leather collection effortlessly blends beautiful form with the utmost functionality.


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