New 1926 Montblanc Heritage collection has a vintage vibe

By Renuka
Sep 21, 2017

Montblanc’s new Tuscan-inspired leather goods will get a nod from any well-heeled traveller. With a muted, subdued, worn-in charm, the 1926 Montblanc Heritage pays tribute to the company’s heritage and celebrates the year it began producing leather goods.

In a market brimming with goods made out of synthetic fabrics and artificial dyes, Montblanc has bucked the trend by relying solely on natural vegetable tannins for the rich earthy colour of its leather.

The finished products are comfortable enough for daily use in the urban jungle, yet durable enough for a safari. The dark brown patina and antique-gold-finishing metal buckles evoke nostalgic memories of a bygone era of exploration. The Maasai-inspired inner red linings lend an additional dash of exoticism.

A frequent flyer might pick the large travel-ready duffel bag or passport holder, while the single gusset briefcase may appeal more to businessmen. With 20 different products on offer, there’s something here for everyone. Montblanc also offers made-to-order large backpacks or double messenger bags.

So make your next holiday even more stylish with a Montblanc!