Pearly Whites with splashes of gold and silver

By Renuka
Oct 20, 2022

Pearls have long commanded the attention of jewellery lovers with there lustrous surface, colour, shape and rarity. Especially having enjoyed the Roaring ‘20s limelight and royal treatment by the likes of the late Princess Diana, the timeless elegance of the pearl has kept its place as a sentimental favourite.

However, amid the buzz of contemporary high jewellery creations and art deco designs, the traditional and classic long, single-strand ivory-hued adornment have made a comeback on the red carpet with a contemporary twist.

Rocking the waters of traditional styles and designs, these beautiful creations have been making waves, not only emphasising femininity, but also crossing barriers into more gender defying roles – particularly in men’s styling.

Just take the gorgeous Chanel and Dior Spring-Summer 2022 collections for example. Not to mention the ever evolving styles of Mikimoto and Boucheron that continue to wow jewellery lovers with fine craftsmanship.

And if the Met Gala costumes of fashion icons like English pop star Harry Styles are any indication, it just goes to show the versatility of these gems of the sea.


Mikimoto Feather Collection ring


Chaumet Josephine Pearls ring