Pop Odyssey- Men’s ensembles on next level high

By Joseff Musa
Nov 01, 2022

Bringing the pop to men’s fashion are these new collections for the bold looks and even bolder statements. From casuals to formals , each style stands out and makes sure to catch the eye of the viewer. From basic to strong and bright , the variations can be plenty with just the right balance if attitude and style. 

Look 1

On Him (left)
Sweater, pants and shoes by Dolce & Gabbana

On Him (right)
Denim Jacket, turtleneck sweater, denim pants and shoes by Dolce & Gabbana


Look 2

On Him (left)
Jacket by Gucci

On Him (right)
Jacket, pants, cross-body bag and shoes by Gucci


Look 3

On Him (left)
Oversized leather bomber jacket and leather shirt by Prada

On Him (right)
Oversized doublebreasted leather trenchcoat and turtleneck sweater by Prada


Look 4

On Him (left)
Velvet jacket and shirt by Giorgio Armani

On Him (right)
Shearling lamb jacket and shirt by Giorgio Armani


Look 5

Cotton corduroy jacket, pants and cashmere polo
open sweater by Loro
Shoes by Christian


Look 6

On Him (left)
Biker jacket with fur,pants and shoes by Hermès

On Him (right)
Long-sleeve t-shirt with
a twisted collar, pants and
boots by Hermès


Look 7

Jacket and polo shirt by Moschino


Look 8

On Him (left)
Jacket, shirt and pants by Gucci

On Him (right)
Cropped jacket, shirt, leather pants and handbag by Gucci



Photographer: Jack Law Art Direction & Styling: Jhoshwa Ledesma Videographer: Achilles Sparta
Male models: Minwoo & Vejas A (We Management Limited) Hair and Make-up: Owen Ko & Dorothy Fung