Roca: Bathrooms that delight

By Neil Dolby
Nov 23, 2023

Originating in 1917 as a manufacturer of cast iron radiators, Roca has evolved into the global leader in creating exquisite bathroom spaces. With 76 production plants spanning the globe, their commercial network extends to over 170 countries and they employ a workforce of over 21,000 individuals.

Ona Collection –  Captivating Mediterranean Charm

With interiors in olive green, the new Roca store in Wan Chai evokes the organic beauty of nature, allowing you to immerse in the simplistic Mediterranean lifestyle inside this piazza-inspired space. The young and stylish vibe makes shopping for sanitary wares cooler than ever.​

In our window display you will see a glimpse of a book of Wellness, turned to a page on life-size Roca signature products; a prelude to the Beach House launched at COLOURLIVING. Indeed, Roca’s new Ona Collection draws inspiration from the picturesque Mediterranean lifestyle and embodies the warmth associated with homes overlooking the sea.

Just as these coastal abodes harmonise with and reflect the natural splendour surrounding them, the Ona Collection embraces simplicity and incorporates natural materials. This versatile collection effortlessly adapts to different interior spaces, construction projects, and refurbishment scenarios.

Transform European Villa Lifestyle into Urban Living

With Roca as the new lifestyle hub, COLOURLIVING takes you on a customer journey where you can transform this European villa lifestyle into urban living. 

Whether for master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, hotel bathrooms, or public facilities, the Ona Collection offers a clean and minimalistic look, characterised by slim basins. Complemented by furniture and accessories in trendy Mediterranean colours, comfort, hygiene, and water-saving technology are paramount features, while contactless operation of flushing, faucets, and soap dispensers enhances convenience.

Ohtake Washbasin – Embracing Artistic Excellence

Roca consistently collaborates with top-tier industry professionals to create innovative products. A prime example is the Ohtake white and black washbasin collection, designed by renowned Brazilian architect Ruy Ohtake.

Revered for his incorporation of captivating curves and round shapes that engage the senses, Ohtake’s expertise perfectly aligns with Roca’s dedication to craftsmanship excellence. Inspired by the grace of nature’s liquid curves and the delicacy of an egg’s exterior, this Ohtake collection offers three over countertop washbasins in four distinct finishes.

With sensual shapes that embody Ruy’s artistic style, the elegance showcased by these washbasins earned them the prestigious “Best of the Best” title at the Red Dot Awards in 2019.

Not forgetting The Inspira Collection – Vibrant and Versatile

The Inspira Collection of color washbasins captivates with a broad range of striking and unique colours, including glossy white, pearl, onyx, and beige. Like many other Roca products, this collection seamlessly blends innovative design with bold shapes and timeless style.

The contemporary Colours harmonise beautifully with the thin aluminium frames and Fineceramic® washbasins. With a focus on storage and functionality, the Inspira Collection offers flexibility through options such as floating one-drawer units or traditional two-drawer units.

Insignia Faucets – The Epitome of Elegance

Achieving recognition with an iF Design Award in 2019, Roca’s Insignia faucets collection exemplifies excellence. This esteemed design prize, presented by an independent panel of experts from around the world, acknowledges the faucets’ elegance and personality.

Available in rose & black, Cala – black, and Escuadra – black versions, these modern single-lever faucets with slim side handles add a touch of sophistication to contemporary urban homes.

Endorsed by industry professionals, they embody quality and style.

One-Stop Solution

As the sole distributor of Roca for more than 50 years, we can assure you a seamless, hassle-free after-sale service and maintenance, given the timeless and versatile ranges of Roca products.

Visit us at – 2/F, COLOURLIVING, 333 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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