Sunscreen lotions that make sure you have fun in the sun

By Suchetana
Jul 31, 2019

With summer already at its height, it’s time to bring forth the bikinis and search out the sunglasses as you get ready to hit the beach. Think on it, though, is your skin ready to meet the challenge of protracted exposure to the more harmful effects of the sun?

Thankfully, many of the world’s leading beauty brands have pre-empted your concern, introducing an impressive array of high-protection sunscreen lotions designed to counter harmful UV rays even as you bask in the seasonal sunshine.

Sunscreen lotions

First up is the Japanese personal-care brand Shiseido with its BB for Sports SPF50+ ∙ PA+++ range, which is said to not only protect your skin from UV rays, but also to counter any build-up of sweat, leaving you feeling fresh and perspiration-free. The brand has also looked to ward off any solar eclipse of the lips, with its UV Lip Color Splash SPF42 ∙ PA+++, available in three different shades, said to ensure all things mouth don’t go south.

Parisian marque Sisley, meanwhile, has focused on providing added protection to the more vulnerable facial areas, notably the nose, forehead and the region around the eyes. To this end, it recommends using two of its latest products – Super Stick Solaire Tinted Sun Care SPF 50+ and Super Soin Solaire Silky Body Cream SPF 30 – both of which are supposed to be brimful with next-generation mineral UVA and UVB screens. Apparently, saving you from sunburn isn’t enough for this particular dynamic duo, as they also find the time to ward off the odd wrinkle or two.

For those risk-averse enough to crave a complete protection kit, your best bet might be the veritable arsenal of face-care and skincare sunscreen lotions on offer from Clarins. If its bubbly brochure is to be believed, its Suncare Lotion Spray SPF50+ acts like an armour on the body, keeping your dermis free of UV damage. Equally handy is its indispensable After Sun range, which helps soothe sun-exposed skin while enhancing your lovingly nurtured vacay tan.

Text: Suchetana Mukhopadhyay