Zen Bathroom Spaces That Are Truly A Work Of Art by Limbonsai and Colourliving

By Renuka
Jan 31, 2023

Keeping up with their mission to build one-of-a-kind bathroom spaces that would leave anyone mesmerized, William Lim’s Limbonsai is collaborating with the Hong Kong-based lifestyle shop Colourliving to design picturesque bathrooms and powder rooms.

The partnership aims to create spaces that are the epitome of both luxury and beauty as a group of expert designers will put together an irresistible place for each of their clients.

As bathrooms are a space for self-care, the service will ensure that there is also room for self-expression by allowing clients to work alongside the team to personalise the look.

With a wide range of options to choose from, each client will be sat down for a step-by-step consultation so that they can also take part in the creative process by picking the colour, materials, furniture, and styles they love.

Among the eight colours that can be chosen, there are roman gold, rose gold, matte black, and chrome.

The service also combines the undeniable charm of nature and advanced technology in their Bonsai-inspired faucets. The Bonsai series add an artistic twist to taps with little sculptures being attached to the top of the tap. 

The pieces are not just artwork that would most definitely exude serenity but are also functional as they come with two inbuilt knobs that help to control the water flow and temperature.