Dame and Fame: Classicism meets contemporary excellence at the timeless culinary haven of Gaddi’s in the Peninsula

By Joseff Musa
Jan 03, 2024

As it marks 70 glorious years, Gaddi’s in The Peninsula Hong Kong stands as a testament to time and elegance. The peerless dining room of the ‘Grande Dame of the Far East’ has long been revered as a culinary gem. With a rich heritage spanning seven decades, it continues to captivate diners with its impeccable service and outstanding French cuisine.

The Peninsula opened its lavish restaurant in 1953, and it was named for General Manager Leo Gaddi, who had started the hotel’s new era of flawless service and attention to detail.

It quickly gained recognition as one of the top continental dining venues in the region, in addition to being the best restaurant in the city. Weeks in advance, its two dinner seatings a night were fully reserved, drawing foreign heads of state and celebrities.

“Gaddi’s sets itself apart from other restaurants through its unique combination of factors,” says Albin Gobil, Executive Sous Chef of The Peninsula Hong Kong. “Collectively, these elements – the first fine dining restaurant in the Far East to offer European cuisine, the city’s oldest dining establishment and exceptional service – contribute to Gaddi’s positioning as a highly sought-after Michelin-starred French fine dining restaurant in Hong Kong.”

Kaviari Daurikus caviar with Tsar Nikolai balik salmon and potato blinis

Stepping into the restaurant is like taking a stroll back in time. The interior exudes a classic charm, characterised by two suspended, retro crystal chandeliers, plush velvet upholstery and carpet and ornate woodwork. The soft lighting adds a touch of romance, creating an intimate atmosphere. The live music, featuring a talented pianist, further enhances the ambience, transporting guests to an era of sophistication and refinement.

The rest of the space is equally as pleasing to the eye. Large windows look out into the city streets and Victoria Harbour, the high ceilings offer grandeur and the walls replicate an Italian faux finish. Modern light fixtures rest against the walls and cast a bewitching glow, spotlighting the wall covering’s idiosyncrasies.

Just as the interior aims to seduce the old and new guards, the menu too succeeds in pleasing both. Gaddi’s has reached even greater heights recently, earning a Michelin star for the last four years in a row. Bringing the level of energy and enthusiasm expected from a fine seasoned restaurant, it ticks all of today’s essential boxes for a satisfying dining experience: fine food, cool and lavish interiors, consummate cocktails, an accessible wine list and agreeable service.

Bresse Chicken Parfait, White Piedmont Truffle, Crayfish, Nantua Sauce

Under the direction of Executive Sous Chef Albin Gobil, the restaurant’s elite culinary team created a stunning seven-course menu for a 70th-anniversary gala dinner that paid delectable homage to the establishment’s past through archive research and contemporary techniques.

The gastronomic parade moved from Kaviari Daurikus caviar with Tsar Nikolai balik salmon and potato blinis and Double-boiled Aubrac oxtail consommé in the crust with bone marrow and black Périgord truffle to Bresse chicken parfait with white Piedmont truffle, crayfish and Nantua sauce, before fish and meat mains of Dover sole filet à la Dieppoise with Bouchot mussels, prawns and celeriac and Rhug Estate roe deer saddle with caramelised shallots, soufflé potatoes and Bordelaise sauce. Mandarin raviolo with Champagne emulsion, and Apple tarte tatin with Avallen calvados and Tahitian vanilla crème fraiche sealed a sweet finale. Gobil’s masterpieces were showcased in both vintage and newly designed collections of tableware and glassware by Bernardaud.

Apple tarte tatin with Avallen calvados and Tahitian vanilla crème fraiche

In honour of Gaddi’s opening year, the exceptional dinner was combined with the best French wines and Champagnes, including a 1953 Domaine Remoissenet Père & Fils Vosne-Romanée. The wine list is extensive but not intimidating and takes diners around all the key wine-producing regions of France.

The restaurant’s elegant ambience, coupled with a menu of exquisite French cuisine, creates an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or seeking a refined evening of gastronomy, Gaddi’s is a destination that promises to transport you to a world of refined indulgence.

Gaddi’s, 1/F, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, The Peninsula Hong Kong.

Tel: +852 2696 6763, gaddis@peninsula.com