Electrifying Porsche Taycan Base Model takes centre stage in Hong Kong

By Roberliza
Aug 06, 2021

German automobile manufacturer Porsche debuts the highly sought-after all-electric Taycan base model with a brand new makeover that sparks new life into the Taycan series. Having already delivered 650 new vehicles into the city, the marque showcases the model in its highly anticipated Frozen Berry shade, one in a wide range of colour option that emphasises the revitalised spirit of the brand’s latest iteration; taking centre stage at the luxurious Kowloon shopping venue Elements before its move across its Hong Kong showrooms in Kowloon and Wan Chai.

porsche taycan base model hong kong gafencu

Pulling back the curtain on the sleek, metallic exterior with an elegant streamlined design that pays homage to the marque’s signature design DNA, its broad selections of customisation also highlights an extensive combination of interior and exterior hand-finishes that offer an utterly unique personality to each vehicle — a sumptuous feel that is further underscored by its broad skylight above head.

porsche taycan base model hong kong gafencu side

Its performance, too, does not disappoint with a cutting edge E-Performance technology and 800-volt Performance battery. Offering continuous power supply and long range cruising with low energy consumption of only 300kW (or 300kW for the optional Performance Battery Plus) that adds to the appeal of a long drive out in town.

porsche taycan base model hong kong gafencu interior

Covering an impressive range of 484km and boasting a top speed of 230km/h with an acceleration that goes from zero to 100km/h in 5.4 seconds in both battery configuration, its reduced turbulence and air resistance provide a smooth driving experience with minimal drag coefficient, putting a close focus on the sensation of the ride and experience en-route more than anything else.

porsche taycan base model hong kong gafencu customisable

Further emphasising on Posche’s dedication to expanding a charging network of SuperChargers across the city and Macau to offer its customers the utmost enjoyable riding experience, efficiency and convenience, it has pushed the brand into a new era of electric vehicle mobility. Its recent collaboration with Hopewell Holdings has launched the city’s first-ever exclusive SuperCharger for Taycan owners on top of introducing its first exclusive Macau-based SuperCharger at the Galaxy Macau.

From now until 31 December 2021 the charging service will be made free of charge to all Taycan owners.

For more information, please visit www.porsche.com.hk.