Fire Paradox: the centre of attraction

By Gafencu
Dec 06, 2023

Pythagoras by Glamm Fire

Pythagoras is more than a suspended fireplace but a lifestyle of its own magnificence. Developed to become timeless, it features straight lines, expressed in long edges and defined vertices, emphasising an exuberant silhouette which sublimates the modernity of the fire produced.

The finishes and details of black or white velvet lacquered steel add extra finesse to this fireplace in which the flame is reflected on all sides that surround it, producing a modern perspective in all angles to make it the main attraction of any space. Quite simply, this fireplace invites admiration, and has features that are all controlled by a remote control.

The Exclusive Bioethanol Fireplaces, which are specifically made to burn high-quality bioethanol, provide you with the most realistic dancing flame possible, making you feel warm and cozy.

The production of bioethanol, often known as “ethanol,” which is used as fireplace fuel involves the fermentation of materials with a vegetal origin, including sugar cane, potatoes, sugar beet, and cereals. It is regarded as a renewable energy source that is entirely green, protects the environment, and has no impact on global warming. Hence, “bio” ethanol is referred to.

Weighing 230kg, the fireplace has a width of 122cm, a depth of 105.5cm and a height of 265cm. It has a recommended minimum area of use of 16 square metres, whilst high temperature resistant glass and a lithium battery are accessories that come included with the offer.     

The Bioethanol Fireplaces have a 10-litre tank, a power rating of 2-4 kW and can run autonomously for 15-25 hours.