5 Podcasts that will improve your well-being

By Roberliza
Aug 21, 2020

Health is wealth, according to a common adage which assumes vital importance these days. Yet, well-being continues to slip down many people’s list of priorities. Struggling to balance between work- and home-life, while limiting your social interaction amidst trying times, can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. This in turn affects your physical health.

If you’ve been feeling short on motivation or just need to unwind and re-centre yourself, now —more than ever —is the time to pick up a pair of headphones and listen to these five podcasts that will reduce your stress and improve your well-being.


feel better live more podcast on health well being and habits gafencu Feel Better, Live More 
We all want to understand our health better but can’t seem to get past the medical jargon. In this podcast, Dr Chatterjee simplifies health explanations and helps us understand how to break away from habits that hold us back.


gafencu minimalist podcast and well being

The Minimalist
Contrary to the title, this podcast serves beyond a minimalistic lifestyle with Joshua and Millburn who dive into topics that put into perspective the roots of your desire for material things and how they contribute to your happiness (or the lack thereof).


weight loss podcast for diet and fitness success gafencu

Primal Potential
Amidst a sea of weight loss tips and tricks online, Elizabeth Benton might be the most useful source of information on why your goals aren’t being reached. Speaking on self-discipline through a psychological lens, Benton will push you towards an empowering and shame-free journey towards transformation.


gafencu guided meditation podcast for calm and relax

Mindful in Minutes
Ease stress and negativity with coach Kelly as she guides you through a practice of self-exploration and soul-healing discovery through breath, movement, mindfulness and meditation.


slow living podcast for minimalist gafencu

The Slow Home

Slow down amid an ever increasingly fast world with Brooke and a new guest every week. They share their expertise on navigating through the excesses of your daily routines and habits that will help create space for a more wholesome life.