Healing Hands: The tick-tock masters who can repair all parts of your beloved watch

By Zaira Abbas
Feb 16, 2024

A watch is a very personal item and the journey to owning it can take several months. If it falters, however, modifications or repairs can be difficult, as only a handful of shops offer bespoke servicing. Watch restoration is an opportunity to bring a beloved model back to life and onto your wrist. We make the job of finding a master watchmaker to repair your wrist reward easier by curating a list of premium service centres in the city.

Classic Watch Repair

Based in Central, Classic Watch Repair is a one-stop service centre with more than 20 years of experience. The team is adept at repairing and restoring any timepiece, both mechanically and aesthetically. Besides standard watch repairs, they specialise in reviving exterior parts that are not generally covered by a brand service.

Michael Young, founder of Classic Watch Repair, is a vintage watch restoring legend. A mechanical engineer by training, he began his watch ‘fixation’ as a collector of Rolex models 40 years ago. Frustrated that Rolex wouldn’t repair or restore the cases, bracelets, dials or hands of his treasured timepieces, Young learned to do it himself. His meticulous restoration work and vintage-watch servicing have earned him a solid reputation around the world and the nickname ‘the Rolex bracelet magician’. classicwatchrepair.com


Over the past 10 years, MisterChrono has made its mark through in-depth knowledge of the watchmaking industry and partnerships with watch repair and service specialists in Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore. These masters of high-quality workmanship have the necessary tools to carry out both routine maintenance and minor repairs as well as a complete overhaul of your watch. Moreover, if you are looking for specific advice, they will be able to answer your questions and guide you.

Giving an initial analysis and repair quotation as soon as you enter the shop in Central, the team offers a wide range of services from changing a battery and replacing the crown to fixing the hands or polishing the case. They recommend mechanical watches receive a full service every five years. This begins with the dismantling of the watch and the movement, followed by a thorough ultrasonic cleaning and inspection of all components and the replacement of any damaged or worn parts. The movement is then reassembled using the manufacturer’s specified oils and lubricants with a full calibration of the regulating mechanism. The watch case and bracelet are cleaned, and if requested, can be polished and refurbished. The service concludes with rigorous quality control and testing for 72 hours – including for pressure- and water resistance – and a final visual inspection of the watch. misterchrono.hk

Oriental Watch Company

As well as being a leading watch retailer, Oriental Watch Company offers a professional watch service experience. Designed and run by accordance with Swiss and German watchmaking standards, its in-house repair workshop in Sheung Wan is equipped with cutting-edge instruments including a water-resistance testing machine, a watch-movement analyser, the Chronoscope S1 high-quality watch-testing instrument and the Cyclomotion watch winder.

This abundance of outstanding hardware is utilised by staff with an average of 20 years of experience in watch repairing, with the majority having previously worked for haute horlogerie brands. Their most experienced master watchmaker has served in the industry for more than four decades. All potential restoration projects will be fully evaluated and discussed with the client before work commences. orientalwatch.com

Hong Kong Ruigang Watch Group

At the Tsim Sha Tsui flagship store of Hong Kong Ruigang Watch Group, trained watchmakers set about the task of lovingly restoring vintage timepieces. A thorough inspection of the watch movement identifies any damaged or worn parts, and should a new or replacement part not be available, they will refurbish the old part or machine a new part from scratch. Their dedicated dial department offers varying degrees of dial restoration, from adding luminosity to hour indexes and hands to repainting the entire watch face.

Hong Kong Ruigang also specialises in professional polishing and finishing to a watch’s original factory specifications. Going beyond normal polishing on a buffing machine, their technical polishing service using specialised tools results in a crisp edge that, in essence, is a reshaping of the case. For owners of popular models like Rolex or Omega, replacing scratched or damaged sapphire crystal isn’t usually a problem, but for vintage, bespoke and small- production watches, precious new glass can be custom-made to fit. They also undertake steel- and gold-band restorations by carefully removing each link and rebuilding it before re-assembling the bracelet. mbwxzx.hk

Prices for the services described here vary according to the intricacy of the restoration and the bespoke technicalities required by individual timepieces. Consultations can be booked online, although walk-in clients are also entertained. These watch-repair companies are, in short, trusted doctors for your cherished chronometers.