Gadgets Galore

By Neil Dolby
Dec 22, 2023

Two great gadgets designed to bring joy – a bike with enhanced features that will make any workout a sheer delight and a camera that can save and print digital images.

Instant Print

Shots that leave a legacy

Leica have updated their printed photo and camera specifications with the Sofort 2, an enhanced version of the Leica Sofort 1 which has proved such a resounding success. This new product has just come onto the market and looks set to offer camera consumers additional benefits for those who love instant printed photos. The love affair with instant prints took off in the 1970s and 1980s, and though the onset of the digital age seemed to push the instant print to the sidelines temporarily, the demand endures and this new hybrid model offers the advantage of combining both digital and analogue technology with greater flexibility.

The Leica Sofort 2 enhanced features allow users to permanently save digital images and choose the best photos before making the plunge to print them. This facility is available for all photos taken on your smartphone as well those shot with other Leica cameras and stored in the Leica FOTOS App containing a gallery of shots. Sofort 2 weighs 320 grams and has a RGB colour filter, its file size is around 1.2MB and has an image output time of around 16 seconds.

The camera is available in black, red or white options and offers a range of fun features to aid the creative process. The camera also has numerous accessories such as wooden picture frames to showcase the prints. Costs US$389.

Pedal Power

Cycle your way to pleasure

The Peloton Bike+ has incorporated improved features allowing those keen to get in their full resistance and endurance training every opportunity to push themselves to the limit in style and without any hindrance. For instance, the ability of a new and much larger touchscreen to swivel outwards allows someone keen to combine workouts the opportunity to undertake other strength and cardio routines.

The speakers are also of higher quality, such that the effect of these powerful built-in speakers is to make those engaged in heart-pumping activity feel closer to the action and the enhanced quality can cancel out all distractions, meaning the user is supremely focused on the activity class during sweaty workouts. In addition, an automatic resistance setting reduces the need to think about making correct settings and allows users to train stress-free.

The monitor offers a variety of classes with different instructors and other classes such as yoga, boxing and weights are options using the range of accessories. Users can connect to live classes in other parts of the world such as Sydney, New York and London and feel the warmth of the community. Other additional features include an upgraded front-facing camera from 5MP to 8MP, a slightly changed handlebar design and power cables are now all internally routed. Price from US$2,040.