Summer travel on the cards? Luxury hotels to book around the world

By Nikita Mishra
Jul 03, 2021

As Hong Kong continues to ease down travel and quarantine restrictions for vaccinated people, the first wave of intrepid travellers are desperate to get on a plane and make up for the lost time. We totally relate to the wanderlust!

Hotel staycations in the city can only satiate our travel bug to an extent; absolutely nothing compares to the luxury of a long-haul vacation with loved ones in tow. If you can jet off to a luxurious retreat this summer, our selection of gorgeous hotels will tick all the right boxes for your travel bucket list. But if you can’t holiday just yet… dream now, lock it later?

1. The Brando, French Polynesia

If the mermaids can’t sing for me here, Christ, they never will – Marlon Brando
If heaven had an address, it would be here. It’s the kind of destination where you’ll have to pinch to remind yourself that you’re still on the same planet. 
Breathtakingly beautiful azure lagoons, white sand, pristine natural beauty, awe-inspiring marine diversity in one of the most eco-friendly, exclusive, luxury retreats in the world. The destination is in complete harmony with nature and a favourite escape of celebrities like, Leonardo Di Caprio, Bradley Cooper, Kim Kardashian, Ellen Degeneres and Barack Obama. 
Legendary actor and director, Marlon Brando fell for the charms of this island in French Polynesia during the 1960 filming of Mutiny on the Bounty. He purchased it in 1966-67 and today the island is dedicated to preserving its gorgeous remoteness. Brando had the most idyllic description for this paradise, “Tetiaroa is beautiful beyond my capacity to describe. It is really beyond the capacity of cinematography to translate. One could say that Tetiaroa is the tincture of the South Seas.”
The retreat has been awarded the LEED Platinum certification for its carbon neutrality, that’s the mother of all environmental awards. It’s the pinnacle of eco-tourism, otherworldly in its beauty and slower-pace of life. 
Price: Ranges from approximately HK$ 18,000 – HK$ 60,000 per night
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2. Sensei Lanai, A Four Seasons Resort, Hawaii 

An upscale wellness haven on Hawaii’s last unspoilt island

Aloha, Hawaii!

The ultra luxe resort is the brainchild of tech billionaire and Oracle’s co-founder, Larry Ellison. He doesn’t just own a home in Lanai, he owns 98% of the island! 

The tech titan fell in love with the island in 2012, splurged US$ 300 to buy it off, flipped the town and this resort into a sustainability experiment giving the world an eco-friendly, upscale, luxury wellness retreat. And he spent just over half a billion dollars in doing so. Ellison moved full-time to the island during the COVID-19 pandemic and runs his billion-dollar behemoth from the Hawaiian paradise via “the power of Zoom”. Talk about work-life balance!

The resort is one of the most expensive locations in all of Hawaii. Stay here and dip into the whimsical five-star slice of paradise, immerse in the local culture and enjoy all the fun activities you can dream of. The aim of the retreat is to help people “live longer, healthier lives” by improving their sleep quality, increasing activity, elevating nutrition and making each guest feel like the only one at the resort. 
Price: Upwards of HK$ 30,000 per night
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3. Kudadoo Private Island, Maldives
Sanctuary of serenity!

The Indian Ocean paradise is re-opening its borders to tourists once again and we cannot wait to drown our post COVID-blues in their crystal-clear, turquoise waters. No one does water villas better than Maldives and the Kudadoo Island resort (couples-only) is touted as one of the few all-inclusive, eco-friendly spa destination’s in the world. 

 Accessible by a 40-minute picturesque private seaplane, the island is located atop an aquamarine lagoon in northern Lhaviyani and runs on the philosophy of ‘Freedom Reimagined’. A 24*7 personal butler is available to assist with all your needs as you soak in the magical beauty of the island. Delicious food and magnificent service will ensure a memorable experience which captures the senses; all this while you tread lightly on the environment. How cool is that!
Price: Upwards of HK$ 25,000 per night
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 4. Segera Retreat, Kenya
Very private and very exclusive retreat in the foothills of Mt Kenya

A holiday here is guaranteed to be one of the most unusual resort experiences of your life!

Segera Retreat is an opulent wildlife lodge in the shape of a ‘Bird’s Nest’ just north of the Equator in Kenya. Dedicated to conservation, decorated with a range of contemporary African art, the retreat houses eight luxury villas in a private game reserve of 50,000-acres of arid and savannah landscapes. Each villa, an epitome of sophistication, captures the charms of Africa. The whole project is fully sustainable, runs on solar energy and is 100% vegan – meaning, there’s no shred of leather or any animal by-product used in the construction or interiors. 

The idea behind the unique bird’s nest design was to create an immersive sleep-in-the-bushes kind of an experience for the traveller. They put the ‘nest’ at a height to avoid the threat of wildlife. Sunsets here are otherworldly – the glorious nights spent under the stars, the silence interrupted only by the fluttering of birds, hooting owls, grunting lions and trumpeting elephants – makes for an unparalleled, ethereal stay. 
Price: Upwards of HK$ 18,000 per night
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5. Zaya Nurai Island, UAE 

The hotel gives you a front-row to UAE’s five-star hospitality
Beautiful and balmy, laid-back beach vibes, super-sized UAE palatial splendour, and dining which indulges your senses. Did we just describe a place in the desert or a heavenly retreat in the midst of Pacific? Well, UAE is a haven for extravagant travel and you can’t go wrong with this plush-paradise.
The island-resort is a short 12-minute boat ride from Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island. The jaw-dropping views, stunning garden scapes and five-star hospitality will have you pampered in opulent villas, infinity pools and an exclusive sea-facing spa. A traveller’s dream, this destination is for beach lovers who prefer a dash of style and sophistication to a spartan way of living. 
Price: Upwards of HK$ 18,000 per night
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