Take Your Time to Rediscover the City – A Sensory Journey by the Oriental Watch Company

By Renuka
Feb 15, 2023

The Oriental Watch Company launched an advertisement campaign that encourages people to admire Hong Kong around them with four of their senses – sight, aroma, sound, and taste.

Naming the campaign Take Your Time to Rediscover the City, the bespoke horology brand has collaborated with Omelette Digital Agency to release four different videos each targeting a particular sensory organ.

One video titled Take Your Time to Listen has veteran tram driver Captain Luk Wenwei taking the viewers on a tram ride while he asks everyone to set aside their phones and pay close attention to the different sounds that the vehicle makes.

He adds that ding ding which is an onomatopoeia that is commonly associated with transport is not the only thing you can hear. There are other sounds like the coins shaking around in the money box and the tram moving on its tracks.

Another video called Take Your Time to See features Wu Chi-Kai who has been crafting neon lights since he was 18.

While pointing to the radiating beauty of these neon lights, he also reminds people that these lights are not very common as they used to be. Hence, he asks people to observe the city around them and snap a photo whenever they see a neon light as it is definitely something special.

For the tasting video, which is called Take Your Time to Taste, the Oriental Watch Company invited the Tsui brothers of the Milktealogy project who discuss Hong Kong’s buzzing tea culture which is locally referred to as the Cha chaan teng culture.

Then, for aroma, audiences see Jonathan, who co-owns an aromatherapy brand, in the Take Your Time to Smell video.

In this clip, he mentions the different smells people come across in just a single street in the city. He advises everyone to concentrate on the different scents as they can be pretty therapeutic.

This new campaign, which is an extension of the brand’s previous one Take Your Time, strives to bring out the charms of Hong Kong where the watch company gets its roots from.

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