Sony’s new Z9G 8K HDR TV redefines the luxury viewing experience

By Renuka
Aug 17, 2019

In a world where higher-than-real-life definition and awe-inspiring audio experiences rule the television industry roost, one recently-released model truly stands out – the Masters Series Z9G 8K HDR TV. The brainchild of Japanese electronics giant Sony, it’s the brand’s first-ever 8K TV, and boasts more pixels and definition than any Sony TV to come before it.

In a bid to ramp up the oomph factor of the Z9G TV even further, Sony has unveiled two gargantuan iterations of this design – an 85-inch model with a pretty price tag of US$12,999, or an immense 98-inch version that costs an eye-watering US$69,999. While these price tags may cause some consternation, in fact, any cursory glance at its cutting-edge specs immediately reveals one mean, high-performing machine.

Introducing the Sony Masters Series Z9G 8K HDR TV

Equipped with Sony’s much-lauded X1 Ultimate Processor, it is capable of delivering a staggering 33 million pixels in 8K high-definition quality, roughly for times more than any plebian 4K TV. What’s more, it comes equipped with a specially-developed picture processor that can apparently refine and upscale images in real time, which, working in tandem with its Backlight Master Drive produces expansive brightening and dimming options to suit the viewer’s needs.

Sony Masters Series Z9G 8K HDR TV image

Rounding out the Z9G TV’s fully-outfitted features are the four front-facing speakers that are part of its Acoustic Multi-Audio System – two at the top and two along its bottom – that purportedly offer an unrivalled level of accuracy and presence. Add to the mix its convenient voice command-enabled capabilities, and this flagship TV stands as a true statement piece for the future of 8K viewing.