Valcucine: Discover the values of luxury kitchens with well-being, timelessness, innovation and sustainability

By Joseff Musa
Oct 05, 2023

Italy’s Valcucine is a well-known global manufacturer of kitchen cabinets. With a sense of modernism and avant-garde playfulness, its designs challenge the conventional notion of kitchen cabinets and set the pace for the European home furnishing trend. Valcucine has made a name for itself internationally and is recognized as a pioneer in Italian furniture design in just 40 years. It has received multiple accolades for its international designs, including the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, ICFF Furniture Award, and ADI-FAD Award. The headquarters and manufacturing facility of Valcucine are situated in Pordenone, an area well-known for its Italian kitchen cabinets.

In addition to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, and South Africa, Valcucine distributes its goods to approximately 370 specialty stores annually. Four gifted Italian architects created Valcucine in 1988, and the company’s design team is presently led by Mr. Gabriele Centazz. He oversees the core team’s annual research, development, and production of kitchen designs that adhere to the wellness (putting people at the center), innovation (embracing innovation), and timeless (creating designs that never go out of style) tenets.

Under the direction of Gabriele and his team, Valcucine’s technical design and material selection go through intensive testing and improvement in the laboratory, from various design series to small hardware accessories. In their pursuit of ergonomics and efficient use of space, they mix the use of materials that are secure for both people and the environment. In the global market, Valcucine occupies a dominant position unlike any other.

Genius Loci, which offers a variety of finishes, precious metals, rare jewelry, and unprocessed marble, is the “secret luxury” of personalization. It reflects the tastes of those who buy it with its hand-crafted workmanship and timeless aesthetic. The outcome is elegant and sophisticated.

The wall device that is AIRLIGHT! The opening and closing principle use a balanced structure to make use of gravity’s pulling power. Valcucine glass has increased scratch resistance thanks to a nanotechnology-based impregnating agent.

Valcucine tempered glass, which has been impregnated with nanotechnology, melts after being subjected to an additional heating process and then abruptly cools down. Valcucine glass is extremely impact-resistant and won’t break even after being struck by a 0.5 kg steel ball that is dropped from a height of 2 meters.

They use state-of-the-art technological innovation to ensure that the glass is flawlessly ground and cut using Glazier’s diamonds chilled in water. The very precise embellishments that are born from this delicate, priceless fusion of strength and ostensibly fragile transparency stand out for their expertly sculpted, authentic, and captivating personalities.

The first aluminum kitchen ever created used only natural materials on an aluminum frame and was fitted with an anti-dust rubber soft-close cover, which allowed for countless design possibilities. From lacquered surfaces to the sophisticated use of glass in every color and delivers intense tactile sensations.

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