Sunny Disposition: This Cyberport-based flat is a modern interpretation of waterfront living

By Joseff Musa
Apr 21, 2023

Summer colours, for the most part, fall under the category of stark whites and ocean blues – and at Residence Bel-Air the vibe is decidedly Mediterranean. Within one of the enclave’s luxury apartments, in particular, simple clean lines, painted cream floors, white shiplap walls and blue and grey upholstery evoke the mood of a wistful seafarer returning to the comforts of a safe harbour.

cyberport residence

This spacious 1,700-sq.-ft-plus home, full of natural light and modern design sensibility, would certainly seem like paradise to its owners as they come home to breathe in the calm air after a day in the city. Through a predominantly soft, tranquil colour scheme – with occasional vivid contrasts – the décor takes inspiration from the waves of the sea and their dynamics. Areas purposefully left blank amid free-flowing curved designs across the ceiling and the furniture join the natural sea view in bringing motion into the living space.

The home’s location in Bel-Air served as the starting point for the team at Grande Studio when they were charged to recreate the interiors. Cyberport is a creative digital technology community with a touch of breeze from the old Hong Kong port. The dramatic seaside soul of the area and the city’s signature past are welcomed within, seen in traditional Hong Kong architectural details, a general cosiness and a wraparound outdoor deck boasting sweeping sea vistas.

cyberport residence

Upon entering, the immediate impression is one of laid-back simplicity. This radiates through the laminated flooring which is stripped back, a widened foyer, ceilings raised higher than normal, pairs of palazzo-worthy double doors that have been installed, and walls painted in shades of cream and off-white. Accent walls are features of the kitchen, two bathrooms and entrance hall. Within the long living room that extends to the terrace, a piano is recessed between two feature walls that shelter cupboards. Amid a medley of marble, wood and metal, a sleek circular dining table also occupies this part of the room, illuminated by functional lighting and a striking modern chandelier of irregular globes.

The designers have merged modernism with regal classicism for an apartment well suited to hosting chic soirées and house parties – with the interconnecting floorplan and no-fuss regular windows assisting in this regard. Modern pieces also adorn the space: in the centre of the living room is a coffee table of Italian marble, a transparent vase, and just the right hint of greenery via a small decorative plant.

cyberport residence

Moving on to the multi-functional bedrooms, it is apparent that they have been carefully designed to suit the needs of their owners. Wood veneer, wooden patterns and curved aesthetics like the open sliding door and minimalist approach to lines and colours reflect a calm yet luxurious ambience.

A TV and sofa combination creates a second living room for family gatherings, with the marble surrounds of the TV wall also nodding to the appeal of waterfront living. A work-from-home corner with a desk is another considerate touch here, catering to what we call the new normal, while the couch can turn into a bed when guests come over. In all, it becomes a practical multipurpose space for anyone who wants to lounge around this part of the home.

(Text: Joseff Musa Photos: Grande Interior Design)

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