7 Home Décor Ideas to Follow this Autumn

By Zaira Abbas
Oct 02, 2022

The -ber months are knocking at the door harbinger the beautiful transition of nature seasonal changes. While evergreens transform from fresh greens to rustic oranges and deep reds, the cooler weather calls for more comfortable spaces to lounge in, prompting our inner creative sides to elevate our abodes to reflect the beautiful autumn landscapes. Here are 5 home décor ideas to spruce up your spaces with a warmer and enchanting ambiance. 

1. Light up your home with candles

Candles are a fantastic decorative element, they can complement your existing décor when placed in front or on side of paintings, vases, lamps or sculptures creating magical shadows and silhouettes. Dress up your home by adding a variety of candles on shelves and mantle pieces. You can place them on tall candle stands of different heights or in glass lanterns to give a more vintage vibe. Scented candles with flavours of maple leaves, clove, cinnamon, apple or lavender are perfect to make your home even smell like autumn. 

2. Celebrate the changing colors

Adding more warm colors to your space will instantly create an autumnal theme. Fluff up some orange, red and dark brown pillows for your bedroom and cushions for your living room. Choose blankets and throws of similar colors to drape over your sofas, couches or carpets. These will serve as accessories to your existing furniture without you having to make big changes and replacing your current possessions.

3. Follow up the fall foliage

When you think of autumn you can’t help but think of leaves, either fallen or dancing in the breeze. To give the home a touch of fall ambiance, place decorative plants around the room, leaves in bowls or perennial planter boxes in corners on the wall or sitting atop window sills. Common Ivy, Hydrangea, cactus, maple and oxalis and excellent choices are great choices for indoor plants that will last longer through the autumn season. 

4. Hang in some vines, wreaths and fairy lights.

If you find plants to be high maintenance, you can use artificial vines and wreathes made up of flowers, leaves, pines and pumpkins to decorate your walls, doors and curtains. You can use them in combination with fairy lights that can light them up giving a festive feel and warmth.  Bookshelves look more appealing with fairy lights and vines, making your reading corner into a dreamy cozy space to find comfort in.

5. Adding warmth to outdoor spaces

Photo courtesy of Zzue Creation

Just because it’s cooler out, doesn’t mean you have to keep from the outside. Give your outdoor spaces some love by furnishing it will autumn tones and rustic textures to add some warmth and cosiness to your balcony, terraces and patio. Woven textures like rattan are a good choice, such as Barlow Tyrie’s “Cocoon” seating system, from its 2022 outdoor collection.  Its strong aluminum frame and soft plush cushions come in a set of 2 deep seated armchairs and a 3-seater sofa, available at Zzue Creationprovides the perfectly comfortable gathering spot on a breezy autumn evening.

6. Pump it up with Pumpkins

Pumpkins often go hand-in-hand with the autumn season. And with Halloween just around the corner, what better way to enrich your living space with the many  colours and variety this auburn squash can offer. Real or faux, pumpkins can be used as dining table centerpieces, and decorative ornaments on kitchen. Pumpkin scents also adds a romantic touch to the space thanks to its sweet and spice scent. Scented candles from Diptyque and Maison Francis Kurkdijian perfects these aromas very well.


(Text: Zaira Abbas)