Roche Bobois’ Autumn-Winter 2022 redefines living with Covid

By Roberliza
Sep 26, 2022

Pursuing creativity is often a courageous endeavour to achieve something nobody has ever done – to cross boundaries and limitations to create something wholly unique. And for French luxury home interior retailer Roche Bobois, creativity was never an area which it had shied away from. 

For its Autumn-Winter 2022 collection, it redefines living at home, inspired by the way Covid-19 had shifted how people experienced living at home. With different interpretations and new perspectives, Roche Bobois leads into the new season with brand new contemporary designs that transform how we experience our home. 


Particularly the Polygonia by Giacomo Garziano, an exceptionally designed sideboard made of four units – two opened with butterfly doors and two with flap doors. Its design, an inspiration from the Amazonian butterfly Polygonia Zephus, is a striking sculptural piece made of plain or metallic lacquered polyurethane. A uniquely inspiring and limited 55-piece, it engages the mind with creativity and imagination – perfectly striking to the eye and intriguing to the senses, like art. 


Meanwhile, the Blogger 3 by Roberto Tapinassi & Maurizio Manzoni is a cain fabric upholstered sofa, complete with foam-filled padded seats and supported on a solid fir wood and pine wood structure. At the heart of its creative process, attention to detail, meticulous finishes and masterful craftsmanship were always the focus. Boasting a clever mix of ’70s and ’00s era, its modern design gives way for its rounded curved lines, soft tufting and sumptuous cream tone to encapsulate a soft, comfortable, timeless and relaxed aesthetic and experience. 


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