Royal Treatment: Glencraft offers the ultimate restful slumber

By Roberliza
Apr 15, 2022

Good quality sleep, for many urbanites, is the holy grail of a healthy lifestyle – setting the mood for the rest of the day. 

premium luxury mattress glencraft gafnecu 10

Providing a solution to getting sound sleep through the night is Scottish luxury mattress manufacturer Glencraft. 

premium luxury mattress glencraft gafnecu 6

Established in 1843, its premium mattresses are all handcrafted by skilled craftsmen with exceptional accuracy in producing only most exquisite textures that provide ultimate comfort and exceptional support and durability. As with anything that is fine in life, perfection is a matter of precision and takes time.

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Praised for its excellent construction and use of materials such as its individually coiled springs, and sumptuous horse tail hair, alpaca, silk and cashmere fabrics, its mattresses have long been regarded as fit for royalty.

premium luxury mattress glencraft gafnecu

It’s little wonder then how the brand  has received several nods from prestigious hospitality establishments while also serving four generations of the British Royal family, and was awarded the prestigious Royal Warrant by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Il.

premium luxury mattress glencraft gafnecu 4

At Glencraft, nothing exceeds the importance of the comfort and well-being of its customers. As a special gesture of gratitude for its loyal following, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for  two of its five signature mattresses available at its Horizon Plaza location: The Heritage Premium and The Monarch Deluxe.

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