Wonder in the Woods: A Happy Valley home embraces nature with wooden walls imbuing warmth, depth and feeling

By Zaira Abbas
Oct 25, 2023

Nestled in the picturesque neighbourhood of Happy Valley is an apartment that perfectly embodies contemporary elegance and soothing aesthetics. Radiating charm and sophistication, the living space is swaddled in wood – from the wooden floor to the wall panels to the furniture. Cool modern style seamlessly meets the warmth of natural materials in the intricate details of this exquisite space.

Designed by UK-based firm TG Studio, this home is a thoughtful blend of East and West. Upon stepping into the stunning living room, one is immediately greeted by the captivating sight of wooden walls encompassing the entire space. This panelling adds depth to the room, showcasing the perfect marriage of contemporary design and natural elements. The walls, with their rich, warm tones, create an inviting atmosphere, instantly making occupants feel at ease and connected to nature.

Complementing the wooden walls, the colour scheme of the living room revolves around warm and earthy tones that exude vitality and tranquillity. Grounded by carpeting underfoot, soft hues such as sandy beige, warm browns and gentle creams dominate the space, while splashes of muted green bring a touch of serenity in contrast. These carefully chosen colours ensure a harmonious ambience, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The furniture is a testament to the remarkable artistry and design acumen of the apartment’s designer. In a delightful blend of functionality and aesthetics, the wooden pieces integrate flawlessly with the overall design theme. With clean lines and understated elegance, each piece adds a hint of sophistication to the room while maintaining a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

The focal point of the living room is a large, plush, L-shaped sofa upholstered in a luscious dark- grey fabric accompanied by two comfy armchairs in cream. This centrepiece provides an inviting spot for relaxation and socialising. Completing the seating arrangement is a pair of sleek wingback swivel armchairs in ochre adorned with contrasting throw cushions. The chairs are cleverly positioned to encourage both intimate conversations and effortless flow throughout the room. Given the elevated height of this apartment block, wide bay windows offer spectacular night views of the city and a source of abundant natural light during the day.

Adjacent to the lounge is a dining area that is partially hidden behind a wooden wall creatively cut into sharp shapes. The long dark grey dining table is embellished above with two giant glass chandeliers whose geometric design reflects the interior’s primary theme. At the other end of the living space, a wooden wall acts as a partition to frame a bar and cosy den.

The bright yellow bar counter is the focal point within this darkened area, and it is offset by an array of niches in the walls which display wine bottles. A plum-coloured sofa sits opposite two large ottomans with a glass table in between, making it a perfect place to unwind at night with a drink or two. The kitchen is kept simple with all-white cabinets and gleaming marble walls.

To bring the outdoors inside, potted plants are positioned around the lounge, kitchen and even the bathroom. This vibrant greenery adds life and freshness, while also promoting a natural atmosphere conducive to relaxation and well-being. Furthermore, carefully placed ambient lighting fixtures accentuate the wooden textures, creating a homey, welcoming vibe once the sun sets.

The master suite is spacious – its ample proportions would not seem out of place in a palace – yet an abundance of earthy tones spanning the upholstery, walls and floor make it seem invitingly snug. Rows of windows along both sides of the room allow light to flood the space in the day, acting in glorious contrast with the mellow colour palette.

Walls have indentations that not only work as storage space but also enhance the attractiveness of the décor. A study table sits on one side, while casually displayed artworks on the other provide lively colour and contemplation. The vastness of the bedroom allows freedom to change the layout as one likes to add variety to luxurious living, while the splendid white ensuite bathroom with its hillside views would cheer the spirits on the bleakest of mornings.