Benefits of flying a private jet

By Roberliza
Sep 16, 2020

Chartering a private jet will give travellers’ the unique luxury and comforts of a personalized on-flight experience.

Whether on a business trip or a family holiday, travelling via a chartered jet offers a host of benefits unmatched by typical commercial flights.  

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Choose your own cuisine

Five-star fine dining is right at travellers’ finger tips with their personalised culinary preferences tailor made by executive chefs from prestigious hotels and restaurants.
Land closer to your final destination

One of the most highlighted perks of flying on a private jet is that the aircraft can land almost anywhere, eliminating the inconvenience of awaiting to claim luggage and looking for a valet in a crowded airport. Chartered private jets provide first-class concierge services that ensure an overall smooth travel experience.  

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No lengthy layovers
A personalised travel itinerary offers great flexibility and a much more relaxed flight free of layovers for an hour or more in airports in a foreign city. Chartered jet travellers typically rest in comfortable luxury private suites that on their way to their destination.

Have your pet on board
Private jet travellers can enjoy the rare luxury of bringing along with them their furry little friends without the hassles and inconveniences of securing clearances from quarantine authorities at the airport of origin.  

Choose your own aircraft and interior
Charter companies typically offer different types of aircraft that a well-heeled traveller can choose from depending on the number of passengers. Choices can range from eight-seater models, like the Challenger 350, to the 14-seater Global 6000. Some charter firms offer longer flights and larger VIP-class aircraft that can sit up to 40 passengers or more.

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Depart time at your own discretion
Parties who place a very high premium on time are best served by chartered flights. They decide the precise time when to leave any destination, equating to utmost efficiency and flexibility in travel whether early in the morning or late in the evening. A VIP escort service is typically provided to ensure high standards of service to and from the destination of the charterer.  

Enjoy private lounge and terminals

The comforts and amenities of private lounges and terminals are typically enjoyed by chartered aircraft travellers, saving the latter’s precious time that would otherwise be spent under occasional stressful conditions at the airport.

Benefits of flying a private jet gafencu luxury magazine

Have the aircraft to yourself
Well-heeled and busy travellers always desire quiet and undisturbed privacy for efficient work, especially when travelling to a very important meeting or conference overseas. This same principle holds for a well-knit family whose members wish to savour the intimate privacy of boding with each other on their way to their desired destination.

Cost for a flight of 5 hours inclusive

Most companies that offer chartered flights often calculate the total cost of their charter services based on several key factors, including total flight time, number of passengers and on-board crew, as well as airport terminal fees and charges. Other cost factors include airport and handling fees, as well as overfly charges and flight-related, which are determined on hourly rates. A typical five-hour chartered flight, which includes flight attendants can cost up to HK$2.5 to $2.7 million.


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