The Best Group Fitness Activities To Try In Hong Kong

By Renuka
Apr 27, 2023

Working out is essential for a healthy lifestyle but on most days, it can be easy to ignore the required regular exercise, especially following a busy day at work. If only there was a way to feel encouraged to work out and have company while doing it, staying active could be much easier. One perfect solution is joining a group fitness activity and Gafencu has found the best ones for you.

group fitness

Spinning Sessions

Considered a sweat-inducing cardio workout that can get your heart pumped and lead you to drop some pounds, Spinning sessions are a perfect way to implement regular exercising in your life. Besides, spinning classes are always fun given that there is always some peppy song playing in the background with an encouraging instructor guiding you to push the wheels to the beat of the music. A couple of workout studios like Renation, Pure Fitness, Velocity and more offer these indoor cycling classes.

group fitness

Running and Strength Training Workouts

Midnight Runners is a workout group based in different parts of the world,  including a community in Hong Kong. Though the fitness group’s name mentions them as just runners, as their tagline describes, Midnight Runners does more than run. Between their jogs and sprints, they do some strength training. Midnight Runners usually meet up on Thursdays (7:00 PM) at Central and recommend that you come straight to the spot, wearing your workout clothes and shoes, ready to start stretching and running. You can always check their latest workout schedule on Heylo.

group fitness

Trail Running

If you are a nature lover who loves getting your regular dose of exercising in the outdoors, then you obviously don’t need an introduction to trail running which is typically running on a path that is enticingly surrounded by greenery letting you inhale fresh air throughout the run. Whether it is your first time or you are not new to it, joining a trail running group like the Trail Runners Association of Hong Kong will be a great way to find more people who share the same fitness interests as you.

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Hong Kong may be known for its tall skyscraper buildings but it also has some picturesque hiking trails – one of the famous ones being the one leading to Victoria Peak. For those who would love to go on hikes but have not found the company to do so and don’t want to do it alone, then you can always join a hiking group. For instance, there is the Leisure Hike & Simplylife which has formed a hiking community for people of different fitness levels.

group fitness

Outdoor Yoga

For those of you who love to do yoga, why not elevate the experience by partaking in some outdoor yoga retreats? The perfect start for this is The Hideout, a wellness group that regularly conducts outdoor yoga events followed by brunch. Each session takes place at Mui Wo on Lantau Island but don’t worry the organisation arranges transport facilities for you to reach the spot. Make sure that you bring your own yoga mat and other necessities like water, sunscreen and a hand towel.