Into the woods in style: Our top picks for luxury safaris

By Suchetana
Dec 17, 2018

For those looking to escape the urban jungle for a boscage – especially one that extends for miles – there is no short supply of luxury safaris curated in style in all the remotest corners of the earth. But lest you think their fur-flung locale, vast stretches of greenery, exotic wild animals, all come at the expense of true-blue luxury, you couldn’t be more off the mark. Thanks to these carefully-crafted glamping experiences, all luxuries of modern civilisation would be at your beck and call, even in the deepest of forests. So check out our top picks for the most luxurious safaris and let your wild spirit take over…

Banjaar Tola 

& Beyond


Luxury safari company &Beyond invites you to lose yourself in the natural wonders of India’s Kanha National Park, located just 252 kms north east of Nagpur. Those with an affection for larger felines will find themselves smack dab in the middle of tiger territory, as Kanha is one of the first areas in the world to provide sanctuary to the magnificent cat.

Travellers may enjoy an enchanting tent lodge near the heart of the National Park, at Banjaar Tola. Located next to the Banjaar River, the safari lodge immerses its guests into the natural habitat of the jungle, but within contemporary rooms. After a day of exploring, relax in mystical confines of your room, replete with porcelain bathrooms and pressed bamboo wall panels, before savouring a campfire dinner while enjoying dance performances by the local people.

South Australia

Wild Bush Luxury

If certain jokes are be believed, one could not simply leave their homes in Australia without some type of animal plotting their end. But in defence of Aussie eco-inhabitants, most safari goers do not want to wrestle with a crocodile. Wild Bush Luxury offers travellers an experience that not only explores the natural aspects of Australia’s rain forests and national parks, but also the cultural and spiritual aspects of aboriginal culture.

With their signature experience, Arkaba delights guests with plenty of time for discovering the hillsides of the rolling hill country, complimented of course with spectacular views of South Australia’s sunsets and a taste of the renowned wine country. 

Chilean Patagonia

& Beyond


Not limiting themselves to the East, &Beyond offers a wild twist on the iconic vistas of Chile. Explore the South American country famous for succulent red wines and its devilish Pisco, in a 8-nights package, journeying across the beautiful coastal and mountainous landscapes. 

In what would be a sure delight to bird lovers, the safaris apparently provide enough opportunities to spot the most famous feathered friends of the region. With executive access of only six guests, you’ll be spoilt for attention by the knowledgeable guides. 

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge



The serene oasis of the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge lies amid the extensive desert dunes of Namibia’s Namib-Naukluft Nature Reserve. Here, the dramatic landscape and picturesque surroundings are complemented ably with moon-roof villas, perfect for stargazing in this ‘dark sky reserve’. 

Nature lovers are in for a treat as expert guides will help safari-goers navigate the terrain, while imparting useful tips about local plants and other species found solely in arid areas. Complimenting these eco-talks are astronomers who provide guests with fascinating insight into the secrets of the solar system.

Text: Bailey Atkinson