Seamless Serenity: Open concept, dual layers, expansive views – this redesigned Kowloon peninsula penthouse is top draw

By Zaira Abbas
Sep 21, 2023

Modern, minimalist styling throughout a remodelled penthouse at Royal Peninsula in Hung Hom, Kowloon, reveals a masterclass in subtle extravagance. Entrusted to award- winning firm Grande Interior Design, the renovation of this 1,787-square-foot duplex apartment showcases a beautiful blend of aesthetics and practicality. Comfort merges with a unique design to epitomise sophistication and elegance.

From towering glass façades that offer awe-inspiring views to a meticulously designed floor plan that maximises space, the architectural brilliance here is captivating. High ceilings, an open-concept layout and seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces create an ambience that exudes both grandeur and tranquillity.

In the open-plan living quarters, plush sofas, custom-made cabinets and carefully curated décor reflect the discerning taste of the residents while ensuring optimal comfort. The materials used are premium, the furnishings are exquisite and the artwork is stunning. An interplay of subtle colours and natural light enhances the sense of serenity.

Light shades of wood for the floor and stairs, and bright white paintwork on the walls and ceiling follow the living room into the dining space and then the kitchen area. This luminous colour palette is highlighted by functional spotlights as well as a variety of lighting features to suit different activities. An airy frame ending in black- bronze pendent lamps drops down from the ceiling towards the grey marble-topped dining table, serving to mark the division between lounging and eating.

Modular furniture crafted from natural materials adorns the living area and allows for a flexible layout. The feature wall behind the TV has display shelves for art pieces and wooden cabinets for storage. Bronze lines running vertically along the back wall give a delicate layering to the dining area.

Parallel to the dining table, the designer has added an open bar area, with a wooden counter and high stools. It delineates the open kitchen equipped with spacious cabinets and attractive appliances that make preparing meals an enjoyable experience. Dressed in white and touched with marble, this area is coherent with the living and dining spaces.

A former bedroom on this floor has been transformed into a multifunctional space by adding an upper level. The double-level design provides an area for entertaining and shared family activities below, and a guest bedroom with a private bathroom above, accessed by an internal flight of steps. It is another versatile feature of a home unhindered by boundaries.

The staircase from the lounge that leads up to the more private second storey of the penthouse blends harmoniously with the interior by disappearing into the wall after the first landing. An earthy colour scheme distinguishes the master bedroom. The bronze lines of the dining area reappear, etching the wall behind the bed, while the grey fabric wallpaper provides texture. The bed faces an expansive window that affords stirring views of the urban outdoors.

To suit the needs and lifestyle of the owners, the master suite spans a bedroom, study, walk-in closet and ensuite. A darker wood veneer creates a mature yet cosy environment. The closet is equipped with a dresser and high wardrobe to maximise storage, and the ensuite is furnished in relatively brighter tones with an abundance of glass and marble.

Adjacent to the master bedroom is their daughter’s room, where lighter earth tones evoke a more youthful ambience and textured wallpaper imparts a tranquil vibe. The ensuite here, which echoes that of the master bedroom, is accessed through a sliding door. A high wardrobe and tall mirror enhance the practicality and feeling of spaciousness in a compact closet.

The seamless flow of space and light throughout this apartment instils a sense of integration and intricacy. It is a home offering commanding views and a calming presence that makes you feel on top of the world.

Photos: Grande Interior Design